Rosalia Just Put An Effortless Spin On Spring’s Coolest Makeup Trend

You’ll want to try it immediately.


Spring is just around the corner, which means that in addition to pesky allergies, you’re about to see a wave of colorful beauty looks. Green, in particular, seems to be the shade of the moment. Given that springtime is all about growth and renewal, it’s understandable why green tends to pop up around this time of the year, whether it be through makeup, clothing, or nails. Rosalia’s green eyeshadow, however, indicates that a much more specific trend is afoot.

Yesterday, the Spanish singer dropped a photo carousel on Instagram in which her smudgy olive green eyeshadow look is on full display while she munches on a strawberry and hangs out in the studio. The rest of her makeup is kept pretty low-key, with minimal mascara, soft blush, and a neutral, glossy lip. For added chicness, she wore her hair in sleek, braided pigtails while adding yet another pop of color in the form of a bright blue puffer jacket.

While Rosalia is no stranger to similarly daring makeup looks, green eyeshadow has been making the rounds as of late. Musician and constant trendsetter Dua Lipa kicked off the new year by pairing her green eyeshadow with a pair of kelly green pants and last month, while Solange nearly broke the internet with a rare Instagram appearance showing off a stunning green eyeshadow look.

Though green has been a trendy color for quite a while now, it’s certainly been rising in popularity, reaching an all-time high in 2021. You may remember Selena Gomez’s solid neon green manicure last summer, which momentarily put a pause on the nail art craze, or the breakout neon green eyeliner trend that emerged during the winter months, thanks to stars like Emma Chamberlain and Lucy Hale.

Needless to say, green is on everyone’s beauty radar in 2022, and as you step into spring, there’s never been a better time to try it out for yourself. Take inspiration from the many celebs trying their hand at green eyeshadow these days, or simply scroll through BeautyTok for endless insight into the latest makeup trends.