Dua Lipa Just Debuted 2022’s Coolest Makeup Trend & It’s So Easy To DIY

The colors are so fun.

Dua Lipa looking over shoulder in gold top

Dua Lipa’s always been ahead of the curve, sonically and aesthetically. We may just now be entering 2022, but Lipa’s got her gaze fixed much further — 3022 at least. Lucky for fans she’s something of a trend prophet, debuting the coolest new hair, makeup, nail, and fashion moments before they really take off. Stay locked on her Instagram, and you’ll get a glimpse of all the styles taking over your feed in just a few months. Case in point? Lipa’s frosty green eyeshadow. On its own, it’s very pretty — but paired with her matching green pants, the monochrome makeup effect is both a serious standout moment and about to be 2022’s most major makeup trend.

There was a time (and you probably remember it well) when being “matchy-matchy” was considered something of a cardinal sin — that’s over for the new year, and leaning into a monochrome look is a fun way to emphasize your favorite makeup and clothing colors. Lipa even takes it one step further by throwing in a contrasting accessory in the form of her neon orange purse, which only helps her chosen green shades to seem all the bolder and brighter.

She’s already pulled the look off a few times in the past week alone. Her Christmas Eve ensemble featured a gold top and matching eyeshadow that cut a seriously festive figure. But Lipa’s not the only hyper-trendy celebrity getting in on the monochromatic look lately, either. Megan Thee Stallion is a big fan of matching both her onstage and day-to-day outfits with her nails, hair, and eyeshadow — in fact, she’s a big fan of green, too.

And Lizzo, arguably the star to turn to for innovative beauty looks, has been working the monochrome look for a while with virtually every color possible. Her blonde brow shoot in particular, in which she matched her Bantu knots to her hoops and brows while matching her lips and eyeshadow color to her outfit, is one for the books:

As evidenced by the celebrity examples, the monochromatic makeup trend can be seriously bold or more subtle based on personal preference. To start small, try a matching red lip-red blouse combination with bonus points for a red manicure, too. If you’re ready to dive in and stand out, opt for less-typical makeup colors that match garments you already have in your wardrobe, like striking baby blues, cheerful bright pinks, and non-earth tone greens. The beauty of this trend is just how versatile it really is — and if its fun, bright flexibility is any indication, 2022 is going to be a seriously excellent year for beauty in general.