Lily Collins’ French-Girl Bun Will Make You Want To Invest In A ‘Bardot Bow’

Beaux Cheveux!

The Lily Collins-lead Emily In Paris has always been more than a visual feast — it’s a full-on aesthetic smorgasbord. There’s the inherent allure that comes with filming in Paris, in which even a morning coffee stop takes on a wistful, cinematic quality. There are the colorful clothes, selected by the legendary Patricia Field to look as much like confections as couture. And then there are the beauty looks, full of timeless red lips and chignons. Art may imitate life but on her recent press tour, Collins’ Parisienne looks are straight of the Emily playbook — and Lily Collins’ bun, accented by her long, just-cut bangs, might be the best one yet.

It was anticipated that Collins and her top-notch glam team would work in more than a few nods to classic French-girl style — in large part because it looks so truly effortless on Collins — but the outfits and beauty looks from the Emily In Paris press tour exceed all expectations. Her latest hairstyle, a tall, looping bun constructed for the new season’s screening, features an oversized, floppy hair bow that feels like something a young Brigitte Bardot might gravitate towards, were she born in the Instagram age.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The bun is made all the better by Lily Collins’ new bangs, first chopped by her go-to stylist, Gregory Russell, for the season’s first press day just a few weeks ago. Silky-straight and lash-skimming, they’re very appropriate for Collins’ modern coquette aesthetic. Russell, who’s created virtually all of Collins’ most memorable hairstyles (it’s a long list), is the creative mastermind behind this bun, too.


The most French part of the entire look? The loose strands at the nape of Collins’ neck, allowed to dangle free. Though it’s cognitively understood that this incredible hairstyle required an A-list stylist and a host of products to create, the loose bits infuse some Parisienne casualness to the style — maybe Collins’ threw her hair up in a big bun herself before dashing out the door to some glamorous rendezvous, they can’t help but suggest. It’s the hair equivalent of artfully smudged lipstick — what it indirectly hints at adds so much intrigue.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Another way to add that drama and intrigue right at home is to top off your own festive updo with a black bow. Hair accessories of all types are making a comeback, but a black bow of any size immediately adds some New Wave flair to even the most straightforward styles. If you’re unable to travel to France, a little black bow, some champagne, a croissant, and season two of Emily In Paris might just help tide you over. Bon bow-hunting!

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