'Emily In Paris' Outfits From Season 2 You Can Shop Right Now

Bonjour. Emily Cooper’s back.

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'Emily in Paris' outfits from Season 2

If you missed all the beautiful European scenery and the sophisticated Parisian fashion from Emily in Paris, fear not as there is a new season — and this one is better. On Dec. 22, fans, once again, caught up with the adventures of Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins). For those who need a quick refresher, Emily’s a stylish, well-versed marketing professional from Chicago who landed a glamorous job in Paris. While working alongside top luxury clients, Emily's misadventures are spliced with swoon-worthy ensembles, with pieces ranging from Self-Portrait to Zara. Her outfits in Season 2 of Emily in Paris are easily recreatable with a few wardrobe staples and styling tricks.

As is true for any show styled by Sex and the City's costume designer Patricia Field, Emily in Paris has two narratives — that which lives within the plot, and that which is told by the clothes. Emily absorbs notes on taste from her colleagues, clients, girlfriend, and the greater Parisian beau monde — all while staying true to her exuberant personal style. (Hint: she’s a fanatic for bright statement pieces and fitted blazers.)

Her style transition from Season 1 to Season 2 is proving to be bolder and brighter in terms of colors and prints. It’s clear to viewers that her adjustment to the Parisian lifestyle and her job have given her more confidence in her fashion choices. (Au revoir to the Emily who used to dress modestly in muted tones and welcome the fresh Em who bundles herself up in colorful outerwear in pops of green or pink.) And, where Emily once dipped her toes into the realm of tweed coats and berets, in Season 2 she’s fully immersed in these looks. (She owns a lot of berets.)

Ahead, check out six easily wearable outfits you can adopt into your own wardrobe from the Netflix show. Emily’s lively looks will inspire you to inject a little more pizzazz into your everyday ensembles.

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Mix Stripes With Plaid

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Don’t be afraid to embrace watermelon-inspired colors like Emily did in Season 2. Here, she wore a striped top and plaid skirt. Although she mixed two different prints, her outfit works because of the green hue echoed throughout her skirt, top, and belt. The subtle color coordination allowed her ensemble to pop on-screen.

Quirky Accessories Liven Up A Dress

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The Emily approach to wearing a hat, dress, jacket, and boots is to simply to inject various prints into the ensemble. Her checkered bucket hat stood in complete contrast to her yellow floral motif jacket, but the look worked because she kept her shoes and dress in relatively neutral colors.

Ditch The Neutral Suit, Opt For Color

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Most people gravitate towards neutral tone, two-piece suits for work. However, instead of the minimalist route opt for vivid colors for an exciting statement look. You can take it a step further as Emily did by wearing a patterned top underneath.

Wear All The Colors Of The Rainbow

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When it comes to Emily’s outfit colors, she firmly believes in the motto “more is more.” Although she tends to wear radiant-hued outerwear — like blazers, coats, and jackets — she also likes vibrant shoes. The fashion trailblazer isn’t afraid to wear clashing colors like egg yolk-yellow with lavender or mix in different prints, too. Create your own electrifying outfit by building your outfit around her knee-high boots from Skorpios.

Match Your Blazer To Your Dress

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A coordinating blazer and mini dress creates an elegant attire option, which you can wear to an engagement party, wedding, or even to a dinner party. Emily’s exact strapless Self-Portrait cotton number is available for purchase below (FYI: it’s also on sale!). If yellow isn’t your shade, give the pink pieces a try.

Rock Your Favorite Color Via Accessories

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Yellow is one of Emily’s favorite colors. This time around, she wore the bright tone via her four accessories: a Prada hobo bag, a beret, a striped jacket, and gloves. While you might be inclined to stick with a more neutral jumpsuit in this outfit, take a page from Emily’s fashion handbook and go with a floral one-piece.

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