Lily Collins Just Hit Peak French Girl Chic With Her Latest Haircut

Elle a une frange!

Lily Collins selfie with hand on face

Lily Collins has always been something of the ultimate hair chameleon — she’s donned a platinum pixie cut, inky black bangs, a bob, and her signature long brunette waves this year alone. But, as is so often the case, it’s sometimes the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. At a press day for the upcoming new season of Emily In Paris, the actor revealed just-cut bangs. Long, wispy, and eyelash-grazing, Collins’ bangs add an instant romantic twist to her hair — especially the loose, low bun she wore for the press events.

While it’s Collins’ third or fourth brush with bangs in 2021 alone, this might be her best look yet — and certainly the cut most rife for trying out at home. Whereas curtain bangs dominated much of the past two years, expect to see plenty of wispy bangs like Collins’ in the near future. Thanks to their long, thin appearance, they’re just as flattering — if not more — for different hair types and face shapes than their ‘70s-style predecessor. The party responsible for the pretty new chop is Collins’ go-to hair guru, Gregory Russell, whom you may know from his work with It-girls like Anya Taylor-Joy, Camila Morrone, and Hailee Steinfeld.

When Kelly Rowland debuted a similar set of romantic, flirty bangs earlier this year, her hairstylist summed it up best with a simple Instagram caption: “French bangs.” And even Collins’ role in Emily In Paris aside, it’s a very apt description. Effortlessly tousled bangs have long been nearly synonymous with the proverbial “French girl” style. But the beauty of both Rowland and Collins’ bangs is that they’re suited for virtually everyone — not just French girls.

Fall and winter, with their merciful lack of sweat-inducing temperatures, makes right now an ideal time to try out some bangs yourself. Ask your hairstylist for long, wispy bangs, and don’t forget to bring in a reference photo (maybe use Collins’) so nothing gets lost in translation.

If you’re longing for travel, just flip on Collins’ show on Netflix in December and chop some Parisian bangs — it’s cheaper than booking a plane ticket, and there’s no new passport photo required.