Lana Del Rey’s Vibrant Blonde Hair Harkens Back To Her Earlier Eras

The greatest indeed.

Lana Del Rey lip liner

Eventually, the spring fever-induced pull to overhaul your entire look comes for everyone — there’s no use trying to resist. Something about the sudden feasibility of outdoor dining and fresh-blooming botanicals inspire reinvention, and a few hours in the salon are often all it takes to feel like a whole new you. Lana Del Rey’s new blonde hair, just debuted on her Instagram, is proof that not even megastars are impervious to a self-makeover. Warm-toned and honey-colored, Del Rey’s transformation, though, might be indicative that something even bigger is on the horizon.

Del Rey’s been blonde plenty of times before, but this top-notch dye job is an extreme 180 from the deep, glossy brunette she wore to the Grammys in February. According to her photo tags, legendary celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham is behind the major changeup. On Cunningham’s own Instagram page, she reveals that she took Del Rey a bit lighter back in early March for the Louis Vuitton Academy Awards dinner party, with her now full-fledged blonde seemingly part of the plan all along. It’s a sunny, golden shade, with plenty of complementary tones woven in for dimension. With Del Rey’s long-anticipated, long-teased country album, Lasso, set for release in September, perhaps the new blonde arrived just in time for to shoot the visuals?


In Del Rey’s music, blonde hair is mentioned several times, each loaded with a different meaning. In “Text Book” from her (best) album Blue Banisters, she sings, “Do you think if I go blonde, we could get our old love back?” On the cover, her hair is almost the exact shade of honey as it is today. To truly appreciate what a major departure the color is from her most recent look, her Grammys hair — nearly a true raven — has to be revisited. Not only is it extremely deep and delightfully moody, but she wore her long bangs all brushed to the front to nearly cover her eyes. Now, they’re fully pulled back, making her face the focal point of her selfie.

Kayla Oaddams/WireImage/Getty Images

With the singer-songwriter set to headline Coachella in a matter of days, there’s plenty of reason to believe this significant aesthetic change will coincide with some sort of announcement or notable song selection at the festival. In the meantime, fans seem plenty satisfied with just her sultry selfie.