Lana Del Rey’s Looping Updo Must Be Seen From Every Possible Angle

Yes, yes, yes.

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Lana Del Rey lip liner

There’s perhaps no other celebrity more directly responsible for the rise of hyperfixation on aesthetic than Lana Del Rey. The patron saint of Cherry Emoji Twitter, her retro-steeped albums and look — and they way she brilliantly blends them with modern hip-hop and rock references — mean the art she creates and the art she wears are in perfect harmony. It was never more evident than at the March 7 W Magazine and Louis Vuitton Academy Awards Dinner, at which Del Rey wore the updo to end all updos. As a lover of everything vintage, intricate, towering hairstyles are nothing new for the star. But take a multi-degree view of the look and it’s immediately clear that it’s one of her coolest-ever styles.

Del Rey stepped out for the V.I.P. party in Los Angeles dressed in — naturally — all Louis Vuitton, including metallic bronze pumps and a LV-print trench. Perhaps to show off the outfit better, she opted for a bangs-accented, curled-filled updo, likely created by her longtime hairstylist Anna Cofone. What’s especially cool is are the new colors incorporated into the look, too. Most recently, Del Rey’s long hair has been an all-over raven shade, but the looping curls piled atop her head show off shades of caramel streaked throughout.

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Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Her now-signature curtain bangs frame either side of the face, adding even more ‘70s charm to her overall look at the dinner. Really, it’s all vaguely reminiscent of the updo Del Rey wore to the 2020 Grammys — you know, the one where she was totally robbed of Album Of The Year for Norman F*cking Rockwell, clad in that iconic off-the-rack Dillard’s dress? That hairstyle also featured plenty of height and texture, a laser-straight center part, and lighter color through the ends.

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If there’s one thing Del Rey will always consistently smash — outside of poetry, music, and a shift at the Waffle House — it’s a retro updo. Considering the W Magazine x Louis Vuitton party is billed as something of an Oscars kickoff, expect to see Del Rey on that red carpet in something equally spectacular.