Lady Gaga Is The Latest Celebrity To Hop Aboard The Curtain Bangs Train

It was only a matter of time.

Lady Gaga

Curtain bangs have become as commonplace as actual curtains — but they’re hardly as boring. The ‘70s hairstyle is perhaps the least intimidating way to try out bangs as it’s flattering on pretty much everyone and doesn’t require all the commitment and upkeep of traditional bangs. So, it makes sense why so many people have been drawn to the style for decades. Over the last few years, however, curtain bangs have been particularly popular especially among celebrities. Lady Gaga is one of the latest to take the plunge, and her white blonde hair color puts an elegant twist on the look.

The singer and House of Gucci star dropped by Instagram yesterday to debut her brand new curtain bangs — and a silky lime green ensemble. “Sending you peace & joy,” she captioned the post. “Gratitude from the sky to the center of the earth. Radical love like a cocoon all around you. Today will be spent dreaming.”

Though Gaga is not one to shy away from wigs (there are actually a few in the background of her selfie), it looks like her current look is her real hair. From music performances to Haus Laboratories events, she’s been rocking the same white blonde hair color as of late — but the curtain bangs are a new addition. Though celebrities have been adopting curtain bangs left and right, Lady Gaga’s have a distinctly ‘70s style that stands out from the rest. They’re very swoopy and curled at the ends, and worn up in this elegant updo they feel more dramatic and elevated than the usual effortless curtain bangs looks.

Gaga’s not the only one to put a twist on the bangs trend. Emily Ratajkowski donned clip-in bangs for a Jane Birkin-inspired moment recently, while curtain bangs pioneer Dakota Johnson may have just spawned the next buzzy bangs look: bottleneck bangs — shorter at the top with gradual face-framing, bottleneck bangs take things a step further, while still looking chic and undone.

Though Gaga hasn’t shared who’s responsible for her new cut, it could be the work of Frederic Aspiras, her longtime hairstylist who dyed her hair brown for her role in House of Gucci. Whoever it was, there’s only one thing to say: thank you.