Dakota Johnson Changed Her Signature Bangs In The Subtlest Way

Say hello to 2022’s coolest new haircut.

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 13: Dakota Johnson attends "The Lost Daughter" UK Premiere during the 65th...

If 2021 had a beauty Bingo card, the space in the center would be reserved for curtain bangs. One of the strongest trends of the last half-decade, the grip curtain bangs had on the year’s buzziest stars truly cannot be understated — just call up a search of #curtainbangs on any platform for endless evidence. But like all good trends, their reign must come to an end. Just in time for the new year, a cool new variation on the curtain bangs trend has arrived — and it’s already captivated Hollywood’s most stylish bangs devotees, starting with Dakota Johnson’s. The actor’s new Bottleneck bangs are somehow even more universally flattering than their predecessor.

Like curtain bangs, bottleneck bangs are distinctly ‘70s inspired with long ends and a rough-cut texture that makes them ideal for virtually all hair types and face shapes. But while curtain bangs are a bit shorter, swoopier, and distinct in shape, bottleneck bangs are even more carefree and low-maintenance. As the name would suggest, bottleneck bangs follow the tapered shape of a glass bottle: they start short and relatively straight before lengthening and curving around the eyes and eventually grazing the cheekbones for a cozy, artfully rumpled feel. Because the bangs feel less distinct from the rest of the hair, it yields serious movement, body, and dimension.

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At this point, bangs are an inextricable part of Dakota Johnson’s entire being. Even seeing them pinned back at this point is practically disorienting. Considering she’s worn a long, lash-grazing fringe for so long, it makes sense to treat her hair as a trend weather forecast — when she tweaks her hair, expect copycats to follow. Here, it’s easy to see that “bottleneck” shape extending from the forehead down to her cheekbones and even her jawline. Though just a minor departure from how she’s worn her bangs previously, it adds some serious French-girl flair.

But Johnson isn’t the only well-coiffed celebrity getting in on the trend. Though her bangs are still basically newborns, Lily Collins’ fringe shape looks distinctly bottlenecked with its longest strands falling to her own cheekbones and jawline.

To get the look, first rest easy knowing that unlike blunt bangs, bottleneck bangs are mercifully low-commitment. Because they’re so long to begin with, their grow-out time is brief, they’re easy to trim at home (trim, mind you — not an initial cut!) and their sexy-messy texture means morning styling is a snap, too.

Ask your stylist for long, tapered bangs that feature the shortest pieces skimming the brows with longer pieces curving under near the jaw. For a more foolproof plan, bring in a photo of exactly what you’re looking for. Pics of Johnson and Collins are a great place to start, but page through Instagram and Pinterest to find a picture that best captures your own hair length and texture — that’s the best way to see how bottleneck bangs will play out on you.

And hey, if you end up changing your mind, give it a month and your hair will be back to normal.