Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber Are Obsessed With This Swimsuit Brand For Summer

It might be time to invest in a Frankies Bikinis set.

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Celebrities are experts at crafting a signature style that works for their personality and vibe. Take Hailey Bieber, for example, who has mastered the combination of a crop top and trousers look to create both casual daytime/nighttime outfits. Bieber’s bestie Kendall Jenner has implemented a similar strategy this season: bikinis as a summer uniform. In a recent Instagram story, Jenner wore a pink floral bikini while taking selfies in front of a mirror. The classic style was the latest addition to her swimsuit collection and confirmed her love for the timeless triangle bikini.

The model’s swimsuit came from one of her go-to bikini brands: Frankies Bikinis, which is also a fan-favorite of celebs like Bieber, Camila Cabello, and the Hadid sisters. (Gigi Hadid even released a collaboration with the brand earlier this summer.) Jenner’s pink and red floral pattern suit felt bold and colorful against her sun-kissed skin. The set also had subtle scrunched string details that added texture to the overall look. For Jenner, a must-have addition to any bikini outfit is a baseball cap, so for this ensemble she opted for a plain white option. It helped shield her face from the sun and made the ensemble feel laid-back.


She kept the jewels subtle and wore a simple diamond tennis necklace with a gold cross pendant and dangling gold earrings. If you’re looking to emulate Jenner’s signature poolside style, the formula is simple. First, slip into a colorful triangle bikini. If you’re unsure where to turn to, Jenner has given swimsuit brands including Frankies Bikinis, Sommer Swim, and Heavy Manners her stamp of approval. Then, find a baseball hat that complements the colors in your swimsuit. The 818 tequila founder typically sticks to neutral-colored options, such as white (as seen above) as well as hunter green.

In the edit ahead, shop the model’s exact bikini plus another option from the celebrity-beloved brand. We also included a few TZR-approved baseball caps, so you can protect your skin and channel Jenner’s signature style from July to September.

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