Sparkly New Year's Eve Makeup Ideas We're Stealing From Celebs

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Dramatic makeup is clearly staging a comeback for 2022. In years prior, bold eyeshadow dominated Instagram and even minimalist brand Glossier launched colorful makeup. But arguably one of the most-talked-about trends to hit the scene? Sparkle. And once it went down the runways, it seemed like it was everywhere you looked. Sadly, however, it's a statement that's not always practical. But Jan. 1 is approaching quickly, which means a sparkly New Year's Eve makeup look will soon provide the perfect opportunity to test the trend.

Working with such a bold medium, though, can present a challenge. But with a little inspiration, it can be easy — even fun — to create a bold, sparkly look. And no, your look doesn't have to be over the top. As celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid prove, shine can be confined to just your lips or even the corners of your eyes to make a major impact.

If you're wanting to go all out, though, there are options for that, too. Selena Gomez makes a case for sparkle all over the lids (and underneath the eyes, too) paired with an equally shiny ensemble to really make an impact. Or, take notes from Amanda Seyfried and pair glittery eyes with a slightly sparkly pout to take the shine up a notch.

The countdown is on to get your look in order for the new year, so keep scrolling to find the perfect sparkly idea to copy before the ball drops.

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