Florence Pugh Is Still Obsessed With This Quarantine-Favorite Hair Look

Flo might be one of the coolest girls alive.

Colorful hair, like soap brows and curtain bangs, will forever be a signature beauty trend from the 2020 quarantine. Free from social obligations and in-office meetings, many were free to truly experiment with color — the “quarantine pink” was a particularly popular choice. But for Florence Pugh, possibly one of the most talked-about actors of her generation, even that wasn’t enough. For much of this summer, Florence Pugh’s purple hair dye has been spotted everywhere from casual date nights with beau Zach Braff to movie premiers and elite fashion parties. Dipped-dyed at the ends and just faded enough for a laid-back vibe that looks especially striking against her elegant couture gowns, it’s clear that Pugh can’t get enough of the fun-loving look.

Created by Peter Lux, Pugh’s go-to stylist who also works with stars like Naomie Harris and Reese Witherspoon, the original dye was a barely there lavender that flowed seamlessly into her tousled blonde waves. Since then, the pair have seemed to add alternating, subtle blue and violet tones to the color for different events. For this week’s red carpet premier of Marvel’s Black Widow and the highly anticipated Dior Couture show, Lux amped up the violet for a striking, warm shade that accentuated Pugh’s green eyes.


The dip-dyed hair’s appeal is in its versatility: Not only is it super simple to recreate both in the salon and at home, but the very nature of the look means it’s easily hidden for any moments when you’d rather not be “the one with the colorful hair.” And as evidenced by Pugh’s quick-change color, dyed tips mean you can experiment with shades and tones without subjecting your entire head to the damage that often comes with hair dye, even temporary ones — after all, you’ll probably chop the ends as per usual at your next hair appointment anyway.

Lux didn’t share the exact colors or techniques used, but take it from someone who regularly waged war over her teenage right to wear every color of the Manic Panic rainbow: There are tons of wash-out, semi-permanent, and permanent hair dyes that are a snap to use in your own bathroom. First, evaluate how far up you want the color to go and secure that section with a strong hair tie to mark off the zone. If you have darker hair, you might want to bleach the area you want to dye to help the color stand out. You don’t necessarily have to, but know that the color will look significantly more subtle and visible mostly only in direct sunlight. With hair prepped and primed, it’s time for the actual color. Even if your kit comes with a brush, you’ll want to use your hands for this one. Snap on a pair of no-tug gloves, gather up a palmful of your just-mixed hair dye, and work it into the ends of your ponytail.

Take care to work the color in, then follow the remaining instructions for your individual dye brand. Once dry, it’s like magic: instant coolness.

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