Alexa Demie & Sydney Sweeney Had The Chicest ‘Euphoria’ Reunion On The Red Carpet

Who wouldn’t want to be in their friend group?

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 04: Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney attend HBO's "Euphoria" premiere a...

It might still be a while yet before screens are graced the world over with a new season of Euphoria — but with a cast this stylish, you never have to wait too long for an exciting moment. And in the case of the group's attendance at HBO’s For Your Consideration event, there are several exciting moments. Every single member of the Euphoria cast — including Eric Dane and Colman Domingo, for that matter — showed up in hair, makeup, and fashion choices to fill a dozen mood boards. Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, Alexa Demie, Barbie Ferreira, Sydney Sweeney, and Maude Apatow all stunned on the red carpet, expressing their own unique, personal aesthetics while still managing to look like the close, cohesive group of friends they are both on- and off-screen.

While there is no “best look” among a group this good-looking, the ladies are arguably the standouts of the evening. Hunter Schafer’s Y2K-style face-framing blonde strands, Alexa Demie’s dramatic hair swirl, and Zendaya’s steely grey smoky eye are particularly striking, though. Continuations of their own signature styles (Zendaya in glammed-up menswear could give anyone heart palpitations), even this brief appearance proves exactly why the Euphoria cast occupies such an outsized space in contemporary pop culture.

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Zendaya’s smoldering makeup, made from deep, stormy silvers and greys, with an illuminating wash of highlight at her eyes’ inner corners and just beneath her carefully-arched brows. Her just-cut bob was slicked down into a low, gently-curled twist at the nape of her neck, allowing the makeup to take center stage. A gaze-intensifying smoky eye is something of a Zendaya trademark at this point — and with very good reason.

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Meanwhile, Schafer and Demie were working versions of their own favorite go-to looks. The ever-ethereal Schafer wore delicate pink lipstick and a light dusting of lavender eyeshadow to highlight her blue eyes, but it’s the fun-loving blonde hairs framing her face that really makes the moment. It’s a style both Schafer and her Euphoria character often opt for. Demie’s look was somewhere between an Old Hollywood femme fatale and a glamorous comic book heroine brought to life with noir-like hair curls arranged against her forehead and temples, and Vaudeville-style brows and lip liner. She’s the most experimental of the bunch (not a far cry from her own Euphoria character) and the results are always stunning.

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Finally, Sweeney, Ferreira, and Apatow round out the cast in personal twists on some of 2022’s biggest beauty trends. Sweeney’s curtain bangs and Ferreira’s copper hair have been making headlines since their debuts, but they’ve never looked better than here on the red carpet. It seems like Apatow might be getting in on the copper hair craze, too — her brunette hair, with a jaw-skimming swath left out of her updo, does seem a bit redder than usual.

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Maybe it’s their excitement over upcoming personal projects, maybe they’re all just giddy to be back together in the same place — but this group just looked so euphoric on the red carpet. Can HBO just speed-deliver season three already?