The Ever-Evolving Saga Of Sydney Sweeney's Hair Color Continues — Now With Bangs

Bang, bang.

Sydney Sweeney looking ovr shoulder directors chair

Sydney Sweeney is quickly becoming a style and beauty icon for her entire generation — both on- and off-screen. In her acclaimed roles in both Euphoria and The White Lotus, two of her biggest titles to date, Sweeney’s characters are unforgettable scene-stealers with an aesthetic all their own. Offscreen, Sweeney’s a true beauty chameleon, often incorporating bits of her characters’ personalities into her nail art, hairstyles, and makeup moments — but it’s her latest role that’s left the biggest impression. Sydney Sweeney’s bangs and copper hair color were crafted for her upcoming movie, National Anthem. And though the young star has already traded in the red shade for her signature platinum blonde, the lash-skimming bangs add so much charm and shape to every color she’s tried so far — and her whiplash-fast back-and-forth between red and blonde prove it.

To clear things up, Sweeney’s superhuman ability to toggle between red and blonde is thanks to a little bit of Hollywood magic — though her hair has been dyed back to blonde as of late March, her new March 31 appearance on Ellen seems to be pre-taped from back when she was copper. But the bangs (of course those have to stick around for at least the time being) and her trimmed ends remain.

The long, wispy bangs complement her face-framing cut, adding some London mod energy to her ladylike aesthetic that day. As usual, Sweeney trusted her look to her tried and true glam team: Florido Basallo III on hairstyling, Melissa Hernandez for her amazing orange-tinged makeup, and Zola Ganzorigt on nails. Though the rich red color isn’t new, both that shade and her recently-restored baby blonde are the expert color work of Nikki Lee. If you’re obsessed with the current copper hair craze beloved by Sweeney, Cardi B, Kaia Gerber, and Kendall Jenner, Lee was kind enough to share the exact hair color recipe used. “On her already pre-lightened hair, I did an all-over gloss with @joico’s LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid ¾ oz 8NC + ½ oz 10NG + ¼ oz 6CCR + 1 ½ oz 5 Volume Lumishine DeveloperProcessed for 20 mins,” Lee detailed on Instagram to the delight of her fans and followers.

The bangs, though, are arguably the real star of the show. Cut by Basallo, the tapered fringe is pure ingenue — in other words, perfect for an It-girl just realizing her full power. They’re a classic cut, not the ‘70s-style curtain bangs that dominated the past couple of years nor the trendy bottleneck bangs loved by stars like Dakota Johnson — no, these are textbook long bangs, the sort that immediately sends your mind into “Well, should I get bangs then?” mode. Hint: yes, yes you should. This week. Or today, even.