Kaia Gerber Is Now Sporting This Trendy Summer Hair Color

Just call her Ariel.

Kaia Gerber

It’s official: all the cool girls have red hair. Or, at least, they’ve all *tried* red hair. The latest member of the redhead club? Another supermodel, of course — Kaia Gerber’s copper red hair made its debut at a pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles last night, and needless to say, the photos are gasp-inducing. Her medium-length hair is gloriously shiny, with soft ginger waves falling over her shoulders

It’s not clear exactly when Gerber made the transformation, but it must have been fairly recent as she walked in the Alexander McQueen runway show during New York Fashion Week earlier this month with her usual brunette locks. Just a couple of days ago, the 20-year-old model shared Instagram photos of her trip to Paris, but they were in black and white, so it’s unclear whether she had already gone red.

Gerber’s new look marks the first time the model has gone for this particular shade of auburn. Though she’s most often seen with her natural brunette (which she shares with her famous mom, supermodel Cindy Crawford), she’s experimented with various shades of blonde and brown — she once even dyed her own hair pink. No one has yet claimed credit for Gerber’s copper red hair, but it’s possible that she’ll share more about her look in the coming days.

Regardless, Gerber’s red hair certainly solidifies the color trend that’s been making waves lately —at least among supermodels. The trend seems to have started around the time of Gigi Hadid’s postpartum return to the runway, in which she donned a jaw-dropping shade of crimson in Versace’s virtual Fall/Winter 2021 presentation — a drastic change from her usual blonde. More recently, Kendall Jenner went a shade of strawberry red for the Prada Fall/Winter ‘22 show in Milan and seems to be loving it, as she’s kept the look since. Earlier this month, Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney traded her signature blonde for a shade of coppery red.

Hair experts predict that the red hair trend will stick around for a while, particularly when it comes to shades of copper and strawberry blonde. So, if you’ve ever felt the itch to try out red hair, now is the time.