Summer Is Over But Ciara's Tangerine Hair Is Keeping The Vibe Alive

Talk about dreamy.

Ciara blowout leopard jacket

September 22 marks the official first day of fall, but in Ciara’s world, it’s forever summer. In new behind-the-scenes glimpses at her upcoming single Better Thangs (ands its accompanying music video), Ciara’s look is like a clear June day personified: vibrant, glowing, and so exciting. Created for her long-anticipated collaboration with Summer Walker, Ciara’s orange hair — a bold and dreamy tangerine — captures all the warmth and vibrance of the summer season with a glamorous twist. The bouncy, retro blowout is all about volume, shape, and flirty layers, while that bright, cheerful shade feels like a visual manifestation of Ciara’s joyful energy. Paired with her matching orange and gold makeup, it’s enough to make you wish fall never arrived.

A perfect complement to Summer Walker’s luminous pistachio green hair — set in a matching style, naturally — the tangerine wig actually looks rather similar to Ciara’s go-to blowout style. She’s long been a fan of serious volume, often accented by curtain bangs, but this side-parted version has even more of a throwback feel. It’s really concentrated in her bangs, with their significant height and the masterfully-styled swoop her fringe eases into. They blend into the curled-out layers for a light ‘70s feel that plays so well with the summery vibe of her entire video aesthetic.

In Ciara’s close-up selfie, it’s clear just how spot-on of a match her makeup is, too. On her eyes, a soft, medium-toned brown provides plenty of definition, while a laser-precise line of shimmery, bronzey-orange shadow snakes across her liquid liner cat-eye flick. Finally, the inner corners of her eyes are illuminated by a dusting of gold shadow. Even her lipstick carries that same metallic sheen for an all-over glow and flawless finish cohesion.

Ciara’s music video look is so striking that her her fellow A-listers had to comment — Kerry Washington herself had to say what everyone was thinking and left a trio of fire sign emojis under the orange-haired selfie. With just a week to go until the video’s release, this look is more than enough to tide the world over. It looks like orange hair is the new red this fall.