Dive Into Summer Beauty With These Celeb-Favorite Hairstyles

Fun in the sun.

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No matter if you have your signature look down pat or love to switch between a different style every other day — the start of summer is the ideal try to go in a totally fresh direction and try something new. Why else would so many A-listers choose right now to introduce dramatic haircuts, sleek styles, and freshly-dyed colors? If you’re craving an aesthetic shake up before hitting the rooftop restaurants or shoreline, consider this your jumping-off point. There are plenty of celebrity-favorite summer hairstyles ready to inspire your next look, and there happens to be a little something for every taste and texture out there.

You could follow Megan Fox or Michelle Yeoh’s lead and shock your friends with a completely transformative haircut, or just play up what you already have by leaning into your natural curl pattern — à la Rihanna — or adding a seasonal hair accessory to a simple braid or behind the ear, a Kendall Jenner beachfront signature. Really, these looks are all so different that the only thing they have in common is that effortless elegance that truly defines summer beauty.

Ahead, get ready to explore some of the top celebrity hairstyles of the season.

The Cowgirl Cut


Defined by it’s sultry, rough-cut texture and long, split bangs, Megan Fox’s layered bob — dubbed the “cowgirl cut” by her hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos — looks exactly the way its name sounds. A little earthy and very relaxed, it’s the perfect low-maintenance take on the classic chop.

Polished Ballerina Bun


Updos are an essential come summertime — how else would you stave off the sweltering heat? Kerry Washington’s elevated, ballerina-like take on a traditional bun might the best of the bunch, and it’s so easy to replicate, too. What really makes Washington’s look special is just how sleek it is, complete with a modern middle-part, a low positioning at the nape of the neck, and a glossy finish through her curls.

Ultra-Fine Prada Bob


There’s a reason why social media has given summer a very viral unofficial nickname: short hair season. Not only is an above-the-shoulders cut so breezy and fresh for June, July, and August, but there are so many different ways to wear it. Just in time for the Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony, Giannetos gave Joey King a jawline-length “Prada bob”, a smooth, ultra-short version that suits the star’s sophisticated style.

Rockstar Bangs

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Just when you though Michelle Yeoh couldn’t get any cooler, she turns up on the red carpet with the best pair of bangs this side of the ‘70s. There are a mind-boggling number of different fringe types out there, but Yeoh’s cut is especially fun for summer. They’re long, lash-skimming, and styled with a piece-y part, adding an effortless feel.

Natural Curls & Waves


You don’t necessarily need to go in any extreme direction to have an incredible summer hairstyle. Often, the best possible look is the very same one you were born with — Rihanna’s natural curls prove it. Use a bit of styling cream, mousse, or air-dry leave-in to help shape and hold your natural curls or waves. The touch of product will not only give them some structure, but simultaneously tame flyaways, disguise any breakage, and give hair a healthy sheen.

Bow-Bound Pony


Summer is all about fun, so there is no room for basic ponytails anywhere outside the actual gym. It doesn’t take too much to spice up the simple style, though. To go with her alluring red gown, Eva Longoria tied a thin black ribbon at her pony’s halfway point rather than at the ends or its base. It’s a creative place to add an accessory, allowing the bow to stand out even more.

Beachy Lob


For a more in-between cut, consider the longer, tousled lob Jessica Biel debuted right at the start of summer. Rather than add in extra layering or a different shape, she simply took her beachy waves and moved them up by several inches. The finished product sits just above her shoulders, perfect for keeping neat and trimmed or growing the cut out.

Floral Accents


When in doubt, just stick a hibiscus in your hair and grab a fruity drink — it’s the Kendall Jenner recipe for summertime style. You can weave a flower (real or faux, up to you) into baby braids or one long plait, stick it in an updo, or fasten it to the side of the head with a hair-colored bobby pin. It’s a truly seasonal look that was made for vacation season.

Upswept Braids


Protective styles feel so glam 365 days a year, but there’s just something about the summer sun that really makes them shine. Considering most are so intricately designed, an updo helps show off all the extra elements while also feeling so relaxed in the warm weather. Tracee Ellis Ross gave fans a glimpse of her braids’ stunning geometric box pattern by sweeping the plaits up into a high, jaunty ponytail.

The Wet Look


It doesn’t get more back-from-the-beach than a classic wet-look hairstyle, designed to look a touch damp and extremely sultry. Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel gave Saoirse Ronan’s short bob new life by adding just enough product to make it seem tousled by salty air and swimsuit-ready.