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These June Nail Ideas Bring Summer To Your Fingertips

Bright and sunny.

june nail ideas

Arguably, June is the most exciting month of the year. Spring’s unpredictable temperature shifts and rainstorms are in the past. The days are sun-soaked and warm, not to mention summer Fridays are on your schedule for the next 13 weeks. Naturally, your newfound sunny disposition has infiltrated your sartorial choices. Instead of gray and black, your outfits probably consist of crisp whites and summery hues like cherry red, coral, and tangerine. But your newfound appreciation of color should extend to your manicure, too. The best June nail ideas combine on-trend designs with seasonal polish shades.

If summer is your favorite time of year, let it be known via your manicure. Minimalists can channel the season’s famous sunsets with gold glitter layered over an orange base or a simple wash of metallic polish on a bare nail. You can also hand-paint your favorite seasonal fruit, like cherries. If your manicure preferences lean maximalist, a trending design in a vibrant hue (or two) on each nail will result in a look that’s guaranteed to rack up compliments. (Checkerboard, polka dots, and swirls are all solid options.)

Before booking your manicure appointments for the month, allow the following 10 June nail ideas to serve as inspiration.

By The Amalfi Coast

June marks the beginning of the summer travel season when it seems like everyone you know is going on vacation to the Amalfi Coast. Whether or not living la dolce vita is in the cards for you this year, you can channel the country’s beloved cuisine with some cute nail art. In this manicure, nail artist Elizabeth M. added hand-painted olives, noodles, negronis, strawberries, and more to a nude base.

Picnic Blanket

Bring the weekend picnic wherever you go by painting your nails in a red and white checkerboard pattern like this one by nail artist Alicia Torello. You can stick to the classic color scheme, or make the design your own by pairing your favorite shades together.


The beauty of vibrant abstract design is that you don’t need to be the Monet of nail art to DIY it. Simply choose two summery colors and a contrasting neutral shade, then blot them on your nails with a sponge. Just be sure to overlap each blob for a seamless blend between the colors.

Rainbow Half-Moons

Whenever you’re feeling bored of French tips, why not try another classic design? The half-moon manicure is often seen with negative space detailing, but for summer, take the minimalist nail art to the next level by using contrasting bold shades on each nail. Above, nail artist Hang Nguyen puts the color-block effect into action.

Golden Glow

Golden hour is all day long when your nails are painted with a sheer metallic polish. Achieve the look with a coat of JINsoon’s Nova nail polish.

Heavy Metal French Tips

3D nails are still all the rage on social media and among celebrities, and it’s easy to see why. Adding accessories into the mix elevates your design. Case in point: This ombré rainbow French manicure with gold hardware is unforgettable.

Flower Power

Often done in soft pastel shades, floral nail art is synonymous with springtime. However, you can easily adapt the playful design for the summer season by using a bold base color and vibrant shades for the petals. Here, the blooms really pop against a solid black nail.

Pattern Play

With so many whimsical nail designs going viral, deciding which one to get at your next manicure appointment can be a struggle. Instead, test drive them all by painting each nail a different pattern in vibrant shades. You can even add gem decals like Zola Ganzorigt — aka the artist behind all of Hailey Bieber’s manicures — did for a little sparkle.


In a manicure rut? Look up for inspiration. Nail artist Steph Stone’s tangerine orange base topped with gold glitter channels the bright, glimmering summer sun.


Forget strawberries and tomatoes, cherries are the quintessential summer fruit that’s inspired seasonal beauty looks for decades. If cherry-stained lips aren’t your thing, hand-paint them on your nails. For an extra touch of whimsy, nail artist Kim Troung made them in the shape of hearts.