Let Eva Longoria’s Best-Ever Hair Moments Inspire Your Next Look

She has so many to choose from.

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Eva Longoria long hair

Dedicated followers and casual fans alike know that when Eva Longoria is slated to appear on the red carpet, there’s no choice but to tune in. It doesn’t matter what sort of event she’s attending or what her outfit vibe is — her hair will absolutely be one of happening’s top highlights. Accordingly, Longoria’s best hairstyles of all time are both excellent and extremely varied. She’s been in the spotlight for so long that she’s had the opportunity to try out a massive range of different colors, cuts, and aesthetics, and she’s utterly unafraid to toggle from one extreme to the next — sometimes all in the same weekend.

Some up-and-coming celebrities like to play it safe when first finding their footing in the spotlight, but Longoria was shaking things up from the moment she hit the scene. She continued her experimental streak through her years in Hollywood, toggling through a succession of updos, highlights, extreme lengths, and classic chops with genuine playful passion. Really, the only thing onlookers can count on is Longoria rarely wearing the exact same sort of style twice.

Just ahead, explore this a sampling of Eva Longoria’s best-ever hair moments — you’ll likely find some inspiration for your next look along the way.

Long, Lush Layers

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As an industry newbie in the early 2000s, Longoria leaned into one of the decade’s top trends with her long, face-framing layers. As you likely already know, the style would come back around in a big way about 20 years later — how could it not when it looks this good?

Sunny Bronde Color

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Longoria is a bit sparing when it comes to totally transitioning away from her signature deep brunette hair, but this borderline blonde — call it a bronde — proves she’d look stunning in any color. The sweet, sunny shade is practically a summertime essential.

Old Hollywood Curls

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She’s all about indulging in the fun of modern crazes, sure, but Longoria’s retro-inspired moments always deserve a place on best-of lists. She put a decidedly glamorous spin on flapper-style pin curls, creating a faux-bob with tons of volume through the bangs.

Sophisticated Chignon


There’s something special about Longoria’s more simple looks, too. To put the focus on her dramatic scarlet gown, she swept all of her hair back into a classic, demure chignon, complete with a sleek center-part.

Windswept Braid

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One of Longoria’s most copy-worthy tricks is among her most-used: the bang fake-out. For some carpets, she uses clip-in pieces, and on others she opts for strategically styling to simulate the look. To complement her long, artfully undone braid, she opted for a windswept part that gave her some temporary side-bangs.

Wet-Look Waves

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More often than not, Longoria likes to take the sultry route with her hair, and this wet-looking, brushed-back style is case in point. Making her seem fresh from the beach, the style is at once elevated and effortless — an always-winning combination.

Major Volume

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All-in on drama with midnight-blue cat-eye makeup and major volume through her tight curls, Longoria looks like the consummate movie star. The spirals alternate directions, adding to the full feel of her hair.

Party-Perfect Ponytail

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So far from the average gym-ready ponytail, Longoria’s bouncy updo is a perfect night-out look. The key is in the mid-level height of the tail itself, all the volume through her crown, and of course, the face-framing bangs and curled tendrils left to flow loosely around her face.

Short, Sleek Bob

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Don’t be deceived by it’s wildly realistic look — Longoria’s sleek, classic bob is actually a one-night-only hairpiece. The shoulder-skimming length, blunt-cut edges, and curved-under styling all contribute to how lifelike the cut looks, one of her most notable hair moments ever.