Billie Eilish Just Ditched Her Blonde Hair For This Perfect-For-Winter Look

It suits her so well.

Billie Eilish's hair goes from blonde to brown

If there’s one thing Billie Eilish is known for (besides her lyrical prowess and angel-like voice) it’s her hair. The singer is no stranger to experimentation when it comes to her locks and has rocked a few different styles and colors over the years including a black and green “Shego” look, black with blue streaks, a deep sea blue, a greyish purple tone, and a few different variations of her classic blonde. The Grammy nominee always keeps fans and spectators on their toes so Billie Eilish’s new hair almost comes as no surprise — though no one could have guessed she go for such a normal look.

When most people first encountered Eilish, she was near-platinum blonde and had just dropped her first EP “Don’t Smile At Me,” in 2017 so it’s safe to say that throughout her hair journey people still consider blonde her signature hair color (though it’s not certain if that’s her natural color). That’s why this new color comes as such a shock. On Dec. 2, the singer took to her Instagram to share her new shorter length and brunette color. She captioned the image “Miss me?”, and judging by the comments it seems her followers did, in fact, miss her.

The 19-year-old had been rocking platinum blonde, shoulder-length waves with bangs for quite a bit of time, styling the look in various nostalgic ‘dos reminiscent of the ‘90s and ‘60s. Her 2021 MET gala hairstyle was the epitome of late ‘50s, early ‘60s Hollywood glam — she did set out to emulate the icon of the era Marilyn Monroe after all.

Eilish hopped on the bandwagon of celebrities getting bob haircuts and updated her look slightly back in August when she went a few inches shorter (from shoulder-length to a fluffy jaw-skimming bob), this time using her own mom as inspiration.

Now it seems she’s gone under the scissors (and the foil) again for this most recent look. Going a shade darker with your hair in the colder months is a common practice for most, so as shocking as this transformation may seem it actually makes sense— not to mention it perfectly fits Eilish’s dark, angsty ‘90s vibe perfectly.

As for the cut it looks like mullet bob hybrid similar to Florence Pugh’s haircut just last month. Eilish kept her effortlessly wispy bangs in tact, though they’re now framed in a more bowl shape to suit the new cut.

Let Eilish’s transformation be a testament that all the cool girls are going for shorter and darker hair for winter, so it may be time to get in the salon (if you haven’t already). Between Billie Eilish, Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez’s brunette bobs you have lots of inspiration to pull from.