Jessica Alba Just Ditched Her Glossy Beach Waves For An Edgy Alternative

Are she and Kourtney Kardashian in a group chat or what?

Jessica Alba blue sweater selfie with long hair

The “new year, new me” concept can be a great way to kickstart a fresh, optimistic outlook on life. Of course, the main downside is by definition, it only comes around at the very end of the year. But if you take your cues from Jessica Alba, that revitalizing reset can happen at any time — as long as you’ve got a great hair stylist. This week, the actor-entrepreneur stirred up some serious buzz when she traded in her signature long, glossy waves for a jaw-skimming bob in a rich espresso brown shade. Jessica Alba’s wavy bob haircut instantly added both spunk and polish to her already-excellent look, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it influenced more than a few people to go for a big chop of their own.

While Alba’s usual go-to style is all about relaxed west coast glamour with maximum shine, body, and length, this much shorter style works just as well. Cut by Alba’s go-to stylist Brittney Ryan, who regularly works with Paris Hilton and Lisa Rinna, at least a foot of hair was sacrificed for the new look — and the result photos posted to Instagram prove it was very well worth it.


In what might be one of the most relatable post-haircut moves of all time, Alba announced the chop with TikTok’s favorite “So I did a thing” audio made for major haircuts and other major transformations. Enlisting the help of Ryan and Lizzy Mathis (Alba’s friend and a fellow motherhood-centric mogul), the trio turned the haircut into a Reel that cut to the before and after, with a glimpse of Alba’s wet hair in-between.

Alba is just one celebrity getting in on pre-holiday hair overhauls, too. Two months ago, Kourtney Kardashian made headlines for her own serious snip, done at the hands (literally) of fiancé Travis Barker. Selena Gomez, too, revealed her new bob via TikTok/Reels, and Gabrielle Union’s shoulder-grazing cut earlier this spring had everyone clamoring for vintage-inspired hair of their own.

It’s not surprising that so many celebrities — especially those with very long hair — are going for dramatic chops. Not only can snipping off a few inches of hair give an instant update to your overall look, but it’s also the easiest way to reset the hair back to its healthiest state. So if you’re looking for a “new year, new me” moment, or even just a “new Tuesday afternoon, new me,” consider this your official sign to go for it.