Wait, Selena Gomez Switched Up Her Hair *Again*?

Just look at her now.

Selena Gomez taking selfie in white tank top and wavy hair

Turns out that TikTok, home of dancing teens and strangely addictive videos about what random people eat in a day, has another major purpose: the platform of choice for popstars to unveil totally new hair looks. Or at least it is for Selena Gomez. Yesterday, the performer-turned-makeup-mogul took to the app to tease a new song snippet and show off a pretty significant chop. Selena Gomez’s bob haircut, shoulder-skimming and razor-sharp, is a sleek, sophisticated evolution for the star — and it’s perfect haircut for winter, too.

Gomez’s bob actually made its first official appearance earlier in the week, also on TikTok, as she promoted a watch party for her Hulu show, Only Murders In The Building. Gushing comments from fans quickly poured in, piling praise on the haircut and Gomez herself. Based on the videos posted subsequently (Gomez loves posting to TikTok), it looks like her actual bob haircut is evenly cut all the way around her head with some ever-so-slight angling at the very front near her jaw. The result is stunning: a versatile style that somehow both lends maturity and youthfulness to the 29-year-old. Considering the most she’s shared of the bob on Instagram so far is a tiny story tile linking to her TikTok, it looks like Gomez is preferring to keep the cut (relatively) low-key for now.


Color-wise, it looks like Gomez is sticking to her tried and true blend: deep espresso brown from the roots that give way to a lighter, red-tinged brunette shade around her face and down to the ends. As major as this haircut is, though, Gomez fans can’t be too surprised — the speed with which she makes extreme hair changes is practically breakneck. This fall alone, Gomez has shared photos of herself with her hair bleached, a brunette mid-length cut with tons of layers and curtain bangs, blonde with smudged roots, and waist-grazing extensions. And that’s just what she’s chosen to show fans — who knows what sorts of colors, cuts, and accessories the star is experimenting with in private?

While the exact details of this latest haircut are still unclear, it’s safe to say Gomez’s longtime hairstylist and friend, Marissa Marino, is more than likely behind it — she’s been responsible for virtually all of Gomez’s major hair moments over the years. And as gorgeous and lush as this new bob is, knowing Selena Gomez, it’s only a matter of weeks (or maybe even days) before she transforms it into something entirely new.