Let Anne Hathaway’s Versatile Take On Curtain Bangs Lure You To The Salon

Fringe fit for a princess.

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CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 19: Anne Hathaway is seen at the Martinez Hotel during the 75th annual Cannes f...

Even among Hollywood’s most elite celebrities, there are few who can do relaxed sophistication like Anne Hathaway. She’s been the type of reliably-stylish star who can make an impression without resorting to frequent, extreme aesthetic makeovers (save for that excellent Les Mis buzzcut) through her entire career, somehow managing to look even more refined and downright regal with every passing year. At the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, there to premiere her upcoming film Armageddon Time, Hathaway proved just how stunning simplicity can be. Anne Hathaway’s subtle curtain bangs blended in with the rest of her glossy blowout for low-key movement, texture, and volume. It may not be a sculptural updo or elaborate curls, but the laidback look is an undeniably elegant one nevertheless.

In a behind-the-scenes Instagram Story series, Hathaway’s go-to hairstylist, Adir Abergel, let fans in on exactly what went into making Hathaway’s glamorous Cannes appearances a reality. Abergel — who frequently works with Hathaway along with other A-listers like Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, and Rosario Dawson — used a tried-and-rule blowout technique to shape the style, along with a slew of best-selling products from his own Virtue Labs line. First, the hairstylist a classic blowout with a diffuser-equipped blowdryer and a medium-barreled round brush.

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Then, with each sectioned-off piece of hair smooth and structured, Abergel puts a set of old-school rollers in one at a time to cement that enviable volume — especially through the crown of Hathaway’s hair. A few spritzes of what looks like the Virtue 6-in-1 Style Guard Hairspray is the first line of defense against the French Riviera’s maritime breeze, and a small palmful of Virtue Healing Oil locks in plenty of shine and gloss.


Hathaway’s hair has always been beautiful, but the wispy pair of bangs celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita cut for her in January 2022 sent fans into a full-on frenzy. A highly versatile length, Hathaway’s been known to wear the bangs in plenty of different ways, from the mid-aughts favorite side bangs, look to the pared-down subtlety of her Cannes looks.

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With more than a few new projects slated for this year, expect to see more of Hathway and her ever-evolving bangs popping up all around the world, each photo-call look even better than the last.