Saweetie Revealed The Meaning Behind Her New Pink Buzzcut & It’s So Relatable

The icy princess is pretty in pink.

Saweetie with red hair on back on golfcart

If Saweetie weren’t an international music phenomenon, she’d probably still be famous for her style and major beauty moments. In an era in which so many look the same, Saweetie never fails to make her own trends, stand out, all while visibly loving every second of it. So it makes perfect sense then that Saweetie would be the one to usher in one of the new year’s most exciting new hairstyles — debuted in 2021’s final days — with a colorful twist that calls back to one of the most pivotal beauty trends of the past decade. Saweetie’s buzzcut, just dyed the most vibrant shade of bubblegum pink, is leading an entirely new wave of ultra-short, impossibly chic haircuts — and you can expect plenty to follow suit in coming weeks.

The “My Type” sensation unveiled the cheery new color on her Instagram in tandem with the announcement of her new MAC Cosmetics collaboration. Word of the campaign first spread in early January with an incredible video starring Saweetie and Cher in which the musicians put their favorite makeup to the test. Now, with new photos showing off her pink hair and piles of glossy black MAC boxes emblazoned with her signature, it looks like some Saweetie-specific products are on the way, too.

The buzzcut itself, first posted to Instagram against the backdrop of a tropical Christmas vacation, was initially a gorgeous warm platinum shade. Explaining the major cut to InStyle, Saweetie described her shaved head as a strategic, fresh-start cut to regrow her hair and reactivate her natural curls. “I’m tired of my dead hair, my dead ends,” she told the magazine. “I’m ready to get my curls back.”

Saweetie’s always been a hair color chameleon, deftly switching from crimson to platinum to ~icy blue~ to raven black — and back again — with impressive ease. This new Pink Panther-toned color can’t help but call to mind 2020’s greatest quarantine beauty moment: pink hair of all types. Work-from-home’s novelty (and the year’s uncertainty) inspired plenty to dye their hair the fun, freewheeling shade. But Saweetie, being the trendsetter she is, waited until everyone else was done to put her own unique stamp on the shade.

Considering 2022 is less than a month old and Saweetie’s already managed to make headlines with two exciting new hair colors and a fresh cut — not to mention that MAC collaboration! — it’s safe to say her beauty moments will be the year’s biggest.