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4 Lipstick Shades I'm Obsessed With For Spring — And Go With Every Outfit

These seasonal hues are taking over my vanity.

Rebecca Iloulian in a white tank top wearing spring lipstick shade while posing

With the first day of spring officially behind us, I’m more than ready to usher in the new season on all fronts, from wardrobe to beauty routine to home decor — and everything in between. While there are many ways to update your life to accomplish this, the easiest and most affordable method (and my personal favorite) is to take on the new season in style with the simple pop of a vibrant spring lipstick. A good lipstick has a unique transformative power, being able to completely change a look with zero effort, and is undoubtedly the one beauty product I could not live without.

I’ve been obsessed with lipstick since I was a kid, and while I’ve always been loyal to a select few products (I’ve been using the same MAC shade for over 10 years), this spring I plan to branch out of my beauty comfort zone and try out more playful color trends to freshen up my look. After all, the statement lip is back in a big way.

In addition to leaning into more fun makeup colors, I’ll be able to play with different textures, whether it’s a creamy, hydrating formula, a matte, or a gloss since with warmer weather I bid goodbye to my ultra-dry lips and the constant need to reapply chapstick. My lips have made it through the harsh winter months, where I forewent wearing lipstick to save them for the brighter days ahead, and now, the possibilities are endless for a bold spring lip.

Gone are the days of dark plum and berry stained lips (fall beauty’s “florals for spring” equivalent) that we rely on to take us through fall and winter — now, the spring lineup is here and it’s filled with dreamy pinks and peaches you’ll fall in love with upon first swipe. The beauty of lipstick is that a little bit goes a long way. Whether you’re going au natural or wearing a full face of makeup, a touch of lip color enhances the full look and makes you feel completely put together, ready to take on the new season by storm.

If you’re looking for an effortless way to refresh your beauty look, ahead, find the four lipstick shades I can’t get enough of this spring.

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Pouty Pink Lipstick

A soft and demure pink is officially my go-to spring neutral. It’s subtle enough to double as your daily color while still offering more of a playful pop than a traditional nude lip color does. It’s all about finding a shade with the perfect balance of pigment and still feeling natural against your own lip color. This ultra-feminine tone matches the energy of spring in bloom, and I simply can’t get enough of it.

Fiery Red Lipstick

A fiery red with orange undertones is the vibrant shade your warm-weather style needs. It’s been growing in popularity over the last year and this season it’s ready for its closeup. The cherry-red hue screams summer fun vs. deeper and darker red tones that tend to lean more wintery. I absolutely adore the look of no makeup except a bold red lip. I’ll be rocking fiery reds all season long on date nights, girls' nights out, and at spring and summer soirees.

‘90s Nude Lipstick

‘90s style is still top of mind for fashion girls everywhere, and this translates straight into the beauty category as well. Ultra ‘90s nude and brown hues will be lining my vanity this season for a statement lip, paired with both liner and gloss for a full Y2K ~lewk~.

Peach Passion Lipstick

In the past, I’ve been wary of bright lipstick colors, and I would certainly consider peach hues to be in this category, but for the first time ever I am so excited to wear this shade. A bit more quirky than pink, peach lips give off a radiant finish to your full look, offering a refreshing glow. The hue feels both romantic and also a bit brazen, and will definitely enhance your natural lip color.