5 Beauty Products To Ditch In 2022 — And What The Pros Are Swapping For

Shop smarter for spring.

woman in spring makeup

From limiting your social media intake to committing to more self-care, a new year always brings about fresh inspiration and resolutions. As far as beauty routines are concerned, this means new trends to indulge in. While 2020 was the year of the five-minute face, 2021’s return to Y2K-era looks stole the show. Now, for 2022, frosted lids are being swapped with maximalist color, 10-step skin care routines have hit the back-burner, and single-use packaging is so 2017. Whether you’re stuck in a beauty rut or are looking to take part in a statement-making trend, the foray into the new year is the perfect time to keep your gears running and try out some of the best new skin and makeup trends for spring.

Below, TZR tapped the industry’s leading beauty experts to find out what trends they predict will be huge for 2022 — and what they think is on its way out. Think of this guide more like a source of inspiration than a rule book, tailoring it to what aligns with you and your style, skin type, and routine. If you’re ready for a spring refresh, keep scrolling to learn what makeup and skin care products to swap out of your beauty lineup, and what new formulas to try for the upcoming season.

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Ditch Full-Coverage Foundation For More Skin-Focused Formulas

While full-coverage foundations have a time and a place, L’Oreal Paris US Makeup Artist and Creative Director Sir John says skinimalism is alive and well. “It’s important to have hybrid approaches to anything you wear [on your face] for six to eight hours,” he explains. This year, look out for skin-focused, multi-tasking formulas that not only provide lightweight coverage, but deliver skin care benefits over time. Such products will also make getting ready quicker, as you won’t have to reach for a separate moisturizer and primer.

Ditch Neutral Hues For Maximalist Color

Neutral makeup looks are always on-trend, but being that masking is still going strong in 2022, playing up the eyes with color is a sure-fire way to enhance your look. “I love applying a splash of color to the inner tear duct of a neutral eye look,” says celebrity makeup artist Jay of Jay Artistry. “This doesn’t require a full commitment to the entire eye and helps jazz up any look for any occasion.”

Catrice Cosmetics
Pro Lavender Breeze Slim Eyeshadow Palette
Celebrity makeup artist Kirin Bhatty is a fan of this palette from Catrice, which features a blend of matte and shimmer shades that’ll satisfy your itch for purple.

Ditch Matte Complexion Products For More Luminous Highlights

According to celebrity makeup artist and founder of Makeup by Mario Mario Dedivanovic, 2022 is all about donning a fresh-faced look. “For a while, the spotlight was on skin care which evolved into the healthy, glowing skin trend we’re seeing now,” he tells TZR. “This year, keep an eye out for cream and powder products infused with skin care benefits that nourish and add radiance.” Think: cream illuminators versus stripes of highlighter and gel-to-powder formulas that maintain a skin-like look.

Ditch A Multi-Step Skin Care Routine For Multi-Tasking Formulas

Gone are the days of lengthy skin care routines — right now, it’s all about thinking outside the box with formulas and finding more than one way to implement them into your routine. For Sir John, this means taking advantage of hydrating skin care products and using them for other parts of your face that are prone to dryness. “I don't think people have as much time to invest in the 10-step programs of years prior,” he says, explaining that searching for convertible pieces is key. “For instance, you can think, ‘how can an eye cream act as a really great lip balm that doesn't change the texture of my matte lips?’” Genius.

Ditch Basic Eyes for Dramatic Embellishments

If color isn’t your thing, perhaps dazzling face decoratives are. Bhatty says dramatic embellishments à la Euphoria will be all the rage in 2022. “I have always loved placing pearls and gems on the eyes and the face, and now we’re seeing this happening on the runway and beyond,” she notes. You don’t have to go all-over with your placement — a gem or two on the outer corner will do the trick. And when it comes time to take it off, use an oil-based cleanser and a makeup wipe for tug-free removal.

Ditch Single-Use Packaging For Reusable Options

Sustainability in beauty is a trend that’s here to stay, and according to Jay, actually always existed. “I love that the beauty industry is focusing on sustainable and reusable options,” he says. “This takes me back to when I was a child and my grandmother would replace her pressed compact powder with a replacement pan versus buying a new compact when she ran out.” Nowadays, more and more beauty brands are offering refillable products in the form of lipsticks, brow pencils, and eyeshadows.