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These March Manicures Instantly Evoke Spring Vibes

Warmer days are around the corner.

march nails

The month of March is always an exciting time of year. For many, it signifies the end of the dreary winter days and the beginning of a more favorable season. Along with wearing less layers, the beauty looks are also light and airy. You’ve probably created an inspiration board, saving the best hair colors, cuts, and makeup moments from February’s award season and fashion month to make your own for the warmer months. But, have you figured out your springtime manicures? Luckily, the internet is brimming with trendy March nail ideas to help you do just that.

With spring on the horizon, leaning into the soft pastel hues of the season is a given. But that’s only the starting point. For instance, floral nail art can be done in a delicate design or turned into an all-over appliqué. Then there’s the various finishes to try, which range from icy chrome to lip gloss-like shine. And let’s not forget the shamrock shades that offer a unique look for every aesthetic. Like a subtle wash of color? Try opting for a sheer sage or a pistachio polish. Or why not give a grass-green mani a try for a bolder feel?

Regardless of your manicure preferences, there’s a slew of options to try this month. Ahead, a highlight of the best March nail ideas to help you narrow down your choices.

Ombré Rainbow

The Skittles nail trend that swept the internet is all grown up. Instead of bright colors, this set uses softer shades to create a modern look. The rainbow of pastels also sport an ombré effect that further adds to the breezy feel. While you can choose any combination, a subtle gradient of warm to cool tones will give a stylish appearance.

Blue Chrome

Blue may be one of the year’s coolest colors, but a bright version of the hue can still be intimidating to wear. If you’re ready to test drive the trend, try pairing a Lapis shade with a chrome finish. The metallic coating and deep pigment are like a match made in heaven. For even more appeal, use square-shaped extensions to enhance the look.

Cherry Blossoms

March officially kicks off the cherry blossom season. Though the festivals are a few weeks away, you can enjoy their beauty with a floral-inspired manicure. This set features delicate branches adorned with pink blooms. But hand-painted art isn’t the only element that makes these nails shine. The cloudy base, pearls, and subtle touches of glitter give the final look a seasonal feel.

Lavender Mist

Think of this as the springtime version of your go-to vampy plum nails. The soft lavender shade is one of the season’s top color trends. However, this manicure has an airy feel thanks to the semi-transparency of the polish. To get the look just right, try layering two or three coats before finishing with a glossy top coat.

Plaid Frenchie

Finding new ways to wear the French manicure design isn’t hard. On the off chance that you’ve been searching for something different, why not consider this option? It doesn’t simply swap out the classic colors. Instead, it features a cute plaid design in a mix of soft shades. Even the milky white base adds to the distinctness of the look.

Naked Nails

Finding the right shade is essential for nailing the naked look. The idea is to choose a color that comes as close as possible to matching your undertones to create a seamless look. That said, you don’t have to settle for a nude polish. A peachy hue has a natural flesh-like appearance that elongates your fingernails and gives the “nude” illusion.

Field Of Daisies

Who doesn’t love daisies? Not only are they aptly seasonal, but they also have a clean look that’s right on par with the minimalist aesthetic. Instead of featuring a dainty duo, this manicure uses the flower to create an appliqué design. Sure, it covers the entire nail, but the crisp colors and strategic placement keep it feeling understated and carefree.

Green Lines Design

Green has become synonymous with March for a few noteworthy events. Of course, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the main ones, but the arrival of spring is just as momentous. Regardless of which you’re celebrating, this cool design in the hue is a good option. It uses contrasting shades and is easy to DIY on any nail length.

Neon Hearts

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a heart-themed mani. The key lies in the color palette. Come March, it’s time to ditch the bubblegum pinks and rose hues in favor of cleaner shades. Take a cue from this set that uses a nude base and tiny neon yellow hearts. The center placement and delicate design make this manicure a minimalist dream.

Feminine Silhouettes

For the ultimate minimal manicure, try this silhouette design. The delicate lines turn each nail into a work of art. Even though the fingers sport different sketches, the look feels subtle. Even from afar, it will appear contemporary and modern.