The Important Hair-Care Step You’re Skipping

You wouldn’t skimp on the base coat before swiping on your nail polish, would you? Well, pre-shampoo is to your hair what a base coat is to your nails. In other words, it’s the solid foundation that can mean the difference between a flawless look and hiding beneath a hat (albeit, a fashion-girl approved one). What makes pre-shampoo a can’t-skip prep step? First, there’s the moisture advantage. These hydrating treatments enhance hair’s moisture reserves to provide a line of defense in the face of potentially drying shampoos. Second, pre-shampoos are integral to reducing breakage by making hair more manageable and, in turn, easier to detangle. Less of a fight with your hairbrush equals fewer broken strands. Finally, these powerhouse formulations deeply penetrate the cuticle, resulting in a multitude of hair-loving benefits, such as boosting strength, shine and softness. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best pre-shampoo treatments for every hair concern—from overly parched strands to lackluster locks—to get your lather, rinse, repeat routine started off right.


The Precursor To Perfect Hair

For Weak Hair

Let this lush olive-oil-enriched treatment soak in to transform strands from weak and brittle to strong and unsnappable.

For Overworked Hair

Whether the culprit is your dry shampoo addiction or the fact that you can't get enough of a good frizz-fighting serum, this exfoliating scrub isn't here to judge. It's only here to do its job, which is treating your scalp to a deep detox and eliminating product buildup courtesy of a purifying blend of ultra-fine apricot seeds and regenerative abyssine.

For Fine Hair

Give limp strands an amplifying head start with this lightweight oil that's proven to increase volume by up to 78 percent. Plus, its floral fragrance is every bit as alluring as you imagine it would be.

For Parched Hair

Suffering from straw-like strands? This sumptuous oil-cream infuses hair with a moisture-rich blend of Abyssinian oil, caviar extract and vitamin C to quench the thirst of even the most overly processed, puffy dry hair.

For Colored Hair

Quick game of Hair-Care Jeopardy: The answer is: "Heat styling, UV rays and water." If you guessed, "What are three main causes of color fade?" you're half right. It's also the answer to “What does this color-preserving, anti-aging treatment defend against?" The advanced formula features exclusive shampoo-activated color-seal technology to maintain your hue's brilliance and sheen.

For Lackluster Hair

We dare you to find a more luscious trio of ingredients than this: avocado, almond and olive oils. Together with rosemary and nettle extracts, they form a get-glossy treatment that takes hair from ho-hum to high shine.

For Coarse Hair

Thanks to an ultra-pampering blend of safflower oil, calendula and chamomile extracts, this luxe treatment softens and increases the suppleness of relaxed and ultra-curly hair types, which are naturally drier than straight strands.

For Beach-Bound Hair

Contains natural UVA-UVB sun filters? Check. Defends against chlorine and salt water damage? Check. Deeply nourishes hair using a rich blend of restorative botanical oils? Oh, yes, most definitely, check. There's a reason this cult favorite oil is a summertime staple for us.