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This Is The Best Way To Try Fall's Biggest Nail Color — Even If You're Anti-Trend

It’s basically a gateway.

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green french tip nail design

The mention of fall is difficult for everyone in the late days of August — with the exception of those who live for PSLs and sweater weather. If you're dreading the imminent end of summer, the good news is the change in weather signals a transition to deeper, moodier colors that are just as satisfying to look at as neons. This season it seems one ‘ugly’ nail color trend is back with a vengeance. Be ready to see hues of green on nail beds everywhere this fall. If you’re not quite sold on the color, green French tip nails are a great way to dip your toe (or nail) in.

Besides the fact that French manicures are forever trending, from a practical lens, the nail design is the perfect way to try out a color you’ve maybe been on the fence about — after all, it’s only on the tip of your nails. And if you’re not quite ready to go full-blown Grinch Green, shades of matcha, soft pistachio, and even turquoise are all fair game. The celeb set is already getting into the green nail polish trend — just this month alone Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Priyanka Chopra have all sported different varying shades of it on their nails. And by the looks of it the look will only pick up traction as the months progress.

Of course, there are those who are firmly anti-trend, in which case there’s a bevy of other nail colors and patterns to explore that go against the grain.

Below, see the top Instagram nail designs TZR editors will be replicating leading up to Labor Day — including everything from the aforementioned green French tips nails to multicolored block designs.

Pink & Red Nails

“I’ve been a sucker for a red and hot pink color scheme ever since Emma Stone wore the combo to much fanfare at the Friends With Benefits premiere in 2011. And while I realize this reference 100% dates me (it’s from over 10 years ago!), I make it to illustrate to you just how *timeless* a rouge and fuchsia pairing is. Just look at it on these artful geometric nails: It looks fresher than ever, no?” — Alison Syrett, deputy fashion editor

Green French Tip Nails

“Rumor has it, green is the It nail color for fall. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Simone Ashley have already hopped on the trend. While darker shades of the color like olive are usually common to wear in the fall and winter, this fun vibrant turquoise is the perfect late summer shade of green.” — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor

Sparkle & Swirl

“I’ve been loving the mix-match nail trend lately. It can sometimes steer a bit too maximalist for my taste, but this glossy combo of French tips and sparkle swirl designs is beyond elegant. The muted color palette doesn’t make the mix-match designs overwhelming and the subtle touch of sparkle is just enough.” — AB

Chrome Gray Nails

‘The Hailey Bieber chrome nail train keeps chugging along, and I honestly think this gray version might just be my favorite so far. It’s the perfect neutral shade for fall and there’s just something so cozy (yet still so glam) about it.” — Catherine Santino, beauty news writer

Triple Frenchie

“I’m indecisive when it comes to choosing the color for my nails. With the triple French manicure, I can be rest assured with a combo of shades I’m feeling at the moment. As summer winds down and I’m thinking ahead to fall, shades in between these seasons like an Hermès orange, espresso brown, and a latte beige feels like a mix that perfectly befits my mood.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief

Heavenly Nails

“Between the cloud-like poufs, sunset-hued shades, and gilded threats running through this set, all I can think of is heaven. So angelic and ethereal, they’re light and neutral but still so striking. Plus, the chrome elements prove the versatility of that trend, too.” — Amanda Ross, Beauty News Writer

Head In The Clouds

“I’m going big with my nails for these final weeks of summer, and so I might need to revisit an old favorite: cloud nails. I love that Steph Stone went for a brighter blue for this look (as opposed to the softer, baby shade that we typically see). I’ll be taking this look directly to my next nail appointment ... again!” — AM

Wet Look

“The wet hair look has been all over the runways the last few seasons, and the trend has finally made its way to the nail world. I love the simplicity of the nude nail with the light blue tips to allow the 3D details to shine.” — Maggie Haddad, senior social media strategist

Hermès Orange

“I’ve always loved Hermès’ signature orange shade and I’m so glad they turned it into a nail polish. I think this color would be a great summer-to-fall transitional shade.” — MH

Pre-Cuffing Season

“Whether you dread it or look forward to it, cuffing season is approaching. And nothing against the people of New York, but this neutral base with exaggerated hearts is how I’ll be celebrating. I love the long, chic almond shape and how clean nails look with simple art.” — Natasha Marsh, beauty features writer

Deep Blue Sea

“There are two weeks of summer left and I plan to take advantage of sunsets and 12-hour beach days at the sea. And what better way to channel and match the deep blue sea than with this ocean-inspired manicure. As long as cuticles are clipped and nails are shaped, you can wear this one with long nails or short.” — NM

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