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This Quirky Manicure Style Is The Gemini Of Nail Trends

In a good way.

mix match nails

The new growth peeking out below your Gel-X tips is telling you that it’s time to schedule your next manicure appointment. But at this point it feels like you’ve exhausted all options and have tried every nail trend and design your brain can conjure up — well almost all. Chances are you haven’t tried shimmering milk bath nails. Milk bath nails have been super popular and beloved for their clean, minimalist, and dreamy look — now with the boom of all things shiny, the trend is getting a glitzy update. In the same realm, subtly chrome nails dubbed ‘glazed donut nails’ — and popularized by none other than Hailey Bieber — have taken over feeds and ‘For You’ pages everywhere.

It seems soft yet glitzy nails are in season but no worries if that’s not your vibe, as there are still plenty of in-your-face maximalist nail trends to explore. Rather than taking a subtle approach to chrome some are leaning full in to the trend with bold futuristic silver manicures (Beyoncé in a silver getup on a chrome horse was enough to make the look catch fire). And stars like Vanessa Hudgens are playing around with interesting color combos yielding results like a recent rose gold chrome manicure that you’ve probably never seen before.

And lastly, if you thought the summer camp trend from last summer was over, think again. Mix and match nail designs that evoke the fun youthfulness of middle school are still around. If you simply can’t decide on one nail trend, (understandable) take mix ‘n match to the extreme and get glazed donut on one nail, silver chrome on another, a colorful design on one nail, a sparkly milk bath on one nail, and a good ‘ole French on your thumb — then repeat on the other hand. Promise, no one will blame you for the indecision, rather you’ll be heralded for your innovation.

For even more inspo see the top manicures that caught team TZR’s eye this week below.

Beyoncé Renaissance Chrome Nails

“I love Betina’s light touch here with the chrome, skewing more angelic than techno night club. Inspired by none other than the other worldly horse in Beyonce’s Renaissance album cover, it’s the palette cleanser I need after a summer of bright tangerines and cherry reds adorning my nails. “ — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief

Green Mix & Match Nails

“I love the mixing of green tones in this mani and the variety of adorable nail designs. To me, this is the perfect end-of-summer nail look.” — Catherine Santino, beauty news writer, TZR

Frosty Nails

“This sheerer take on trending glazed donut manicure is everything. The light wash of silver shimmer is eye-catching and timeless.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director, BDG

Tennis Ball Nails

“Remember when swirly nail designs were all the rage last summer? I certainly do and I’m not quite over the trend just yet. This clean glossy green and white swirl manicure re-ignited my love for the design and coincidentally my high school tennis days.” — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor, TZR

Shimmery Milk Bath Nails

“There’s so much to love about this manicure — the subtle shimmer finish, the milk bath cream polish, and the hint of a gold half moon detail near the cuticle. When I’m craving a minimalist nail look with a little extra oomph, this is exactly what I’m going to ask for from my neighborhood salon.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor, TZR

Little Miss Smiles A Lot

“It’s hot. Like real hot. And the only thing keeping me sane is my bright manicure, decorated with a smiley face to remind me to enjoy the outdoors before the snow and brisk winds hit New York City. Drama aside, it’s just a cheery addition to my day.” — Natasha Marsh, beauty features writer, TZR

Ring The Alarm

“Nothing says summer more than a red hot manicure. Whether you go for more orange or pink reds, these nails will always be a statement for any outfit.” — NM

Chrome On Chrome

“When it comes to metals, I typically gravitate towards gold. Recently, though, I’ve been obsessed with silver, so these chrome nails are at the top of my mani mood board. I love the subtle addition of the silver gem to give the manicure a little more sparkle.” — Maggie Haddad, senior social media strategist, TZR

Sailor Moon Nails

“My obsession with celestial crime-fighter Sailor Moon hasn’t waned since childhood — I might be more hooked than ever. While these nails aren’t explicitly themed as such, the pearly candy-pink tips, crescent moon beads, and gleaming rhinestones perfectly capture the vibe without ever going too cartoon-y” — Amanda Ross, beauty news writer, TZR

Care Bear Stare

“This sunny, rainbow-bedecked mani reminds me of my favorite childhood cartoon The Care Bears and the cloud-filled land the happy creatures inhabited. I’ll obviously channel this nostalgia at my next nail appointment. I love when you can literally have happiness at your fingertips with something as simple as your manicure, and this one is living proof.” — Angela Melero, executive editor, TZR