Kendall Jenner’s Pistachio Nails Prove Green Will Reign Supreme This Fall

Lean, green, and on-theme.

Kendall Jenner mirror selfie Instagram

It’s practically it-girl code: thou shalt debut trends approximately one to three months before mere mortals — and Kendall Jenner knows that principle better than anyone. Between her work gigs, family weddings, cruising around town, and chilling on vacation, Jenner’s introduced the world to more than a few now-mainstream trends. Perennially ahead of the curve, her Instagram Story alone can provide as much inspiration and insight as an entire phonebook-sized magazine. Green nails are having a serious moment as the weather makes a soft right turn into fall, but Jenner’s take is even fresher. Kendall Jenner’s pistachio green nails, an excellent season-transition polish shade, are a sneak peek at celeb-approved colors to come this autumn — and the beauty tool those nails are holding is worthy of attention in its own right, too.

First up, color analysis. Green nails of all shades are trending, there’s no doubt about that — in the past few weeks alone, Selena Gomez’s olive green manicure, Simone Ashley’s neon lime pedicure, and Kourtney Kardashian’s emerald nails all stirred up their own respective buzz, cementing green’s status as the color du jour. Interestingly, though, Jenner’s own bright pistachio shade is just warm and vibrant enough to feel summery.


Any paler or more pastel and the manicure would be pure autumn vibes. In fact, the color appears to be almost an exact match for her 818 Tequila logo — and with a mom-ager as detail-oriented Kris Jenner, that’s surely not just a coincidence.

In the Instagram Story featuring her new manicure, it’s very worth noting the point of the story — the ice-block Contour Cube she’s holding. “Love this tool for my morning ice facials,” she captioned the post. The Contour Cube is a relatively new product made from an age-old tradition: skin icing. By running the sculpted, freezing ice around jawlines, cheekbones, and eye contours, skin immediately looks calmer, less red, and more sculpted. Plus, is there anything more bracing than rubbing a block of freezer-fresh ice all over your face first thing in the morning? Forget the iPhone alarm — that’s the best way to wake up and shake the sleep off. If supermodels of Jenner’s caliber are doing it, it’s certainly worth a try.