Celebrities Are Loving This Deconstructed Twist On A French Manicure

It’ll be everywhere this summer.

deconstructed French manicure

The French manicure trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. As you’ve probably been able to notice simply by scrolling the Instagram explore page, the early 2000s style had made a serious comeback in recent years. Celebrities, in particular, have been all about the nostalgic design, with one A-list nail artist popularizing her very own take on the look that’s set to be one of summer’s biggest nail trends — the deconstructed French manicure.

Just like how it sounds, the deconstructed French manicure forgoes the crisp, clean lines of a traditional French mani and instead takes a more abstract approach. Celebrity nail artist and founder of Nails of LA Brittney Boyce coined the term to refer to her signature design featuring colorful blobs at the tip of the nail over a neutral base. It almost looks as though the French tip is dripping off of the nail, giving the classic manicure style a modern update. It’s no surprise that the look is set to take over summer 2022 thanks to Boyce and her playful-yet-chic creation.

It’s worth noting that Boyce’s French manicure-loving celebrity clientele includes stars like Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Rodrigo, and Megan Fox, who wore a chrome French manicure courtesy of Boyce for her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly (who also happens to be a client).

On Instagram, Boyce has shared several tutorial-style videos of her creating deconstructed French manicures, and while she’s obviously a trained professional, the “undone” effect makes it somewhat simple to DIY. In the clips, Boyce applies a nude base color before drawing on the colorful tips with a thin nail brush, then finishing with a glossy topcoat.

In one tutorial, she takes things to the next level by creating the deconstructed French tips using gold leaf. She first paints on the “blobs” with what appears to be nail glue, then presses a sheet of gold leaf on top and peels it off, leaving it to attach only where she applied the glue.

Evidently, there are endless ways to interpret the French manicure, and the deconstructed French certainly won’t be the end of the Y2K trend resurgence. Take a scroll through Boyce’s designs and get ready to find your new go-to summer nail look. You might even fall in love with one of her other many French manicure styles — the shadow French, the double colored French, and the outline French, to name a few.