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Gemini Season Is Here – Are Your Nails Ready?

Manicure designs as creative as the sign.

Gemini season nail art ideas

As Taurus’ time draws to a close, it’s time to usher in the arrival of Gemini season and all that it has to offer. Regardless of whether you’re familiar with the constellation stories, you probably know the tale of the Gemini zodiac quite well. With its various interests and curious nature, the air sign doubled itself in order to pursue all that life has to offer. In short, those who fall under this sign are a mixture of all things. From creative to witty, outgoing, impulsive, bold, and inherently unique the twins represent self-expression in the highest form. That said it's the perfect time to amp up your manicure and show off your Gemini season nails.

Beginning May 21st and lasting through June 21st, Gemini season 2023 is all about embracing something unique and leaning into colors that are warm and happy. If you’ve been on the fence about experimenting with nail art, now’s the time to plunge into the wide world of designs or test out a fun new nail shape. No matter how your manicure style usually skews, the season of the celestial twins will help you soak up the last moments of spring and prepare you for summer. Below, 10 nail ideas inspired by the fun-loving Gemini to try now.

Shades Of Green

Similar to Taurus, the color green is strongly associated with Gemini charcteristics and is even considered lucky for the zodiac. The shady hue is meant to be soothing and provide a peaceful state of mind. So if you have a hard time choosing a shade, take a deep breath and opt for a gradient manicure.

Pearly Accents

Embrace your playful side with a lavender set artfully decorated with pearls. The classic gem, which was the star or this year’s Met Gala, takes center stage for this chic design and is perfect for spring days heading into summer.

Pretty Hearts

Though not known to be overtly emotional, Geminis are communicative and this chic heart design is the ideal way to express your love.

Hourglass Nails

A hourglass mani that tricks the eye into seeing double is oh so in line with a Gemini’s clever mind.

Silly Squiggle Nail Art

Geminis are known to live life to the fullest and make an ordinary moment feel fun and free. This season, infuse some whimsy into your manicure with an amusing squiggle design. Simple enough for minimalists, this artsy nail look will instantly brighten your mood.

Colorful Crocodile Nails

Step outside your comfort zone with cool crocodile nail art in one of the zodiac’s luckiest colors. As an added bonus green is shaping up to be one of this summer’s most popular nail polish shades, so you’ll be double trending in the best way.

Sunny Saffron

This is the season to lean into warm, bright colors like saffron and golden yellow. If you’re looking for a clean look that’s streamlined and elegant, then look no further than this sunny geometric design.

Ying & Yang French Tips

Two halves equal a whole in this colorblocked micro French manicure. Perfect for natural nails and shorter lengths, this delicate design makes a statement without being overdone.

Dreamy Cloud Nail Art

Curious dreamers keep their heads in the clouds but remain grounded at their core. This pastel-colored French manicure adorned with fluffy clouds will remind you to take time to reflect but also live in the moment.

Pink Stiletto Nails

Be a little impulsive this season with your manicure choices and opt for something drastic like pink chrome and striking stiletto-shaped extensions.