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Dare To Be Bold With A Bright Neon Manicure

They always steal the show.

Neon Nail Ideas

There’s just something about neon colors. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor for those who grew up in ‘80s and ‘90s, or maybe these shades are simply hardwired to feelings of happiness and fun. Whatever the case, it always seems to come back around as a fashion trend — and that includes manicures, too. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of neon nail ideas, from the subtle (yes, it’s possible) to the totally over the top.

More minimalist nail styles, like glazed donut or micro French manicures are popular, but who better than Hailey Bieber to get everyone inspired to try something new? When the Rhode founder was spotted with neon green nails at Coachella in April, everyone rushed to the salon two switch out their go-to nudes for something a little spicier.

Of course you can try out neon nails the Bieber way and stick to a solid color, but if you want to up the ante, TZR has gathered a handful of creative nail designs that will take your next mani to the next level. Gems, abstract patterns, and even French tips: Whether you prefer pared-down subtle manicures or bold, loud designs guaranteed to get second takes, there’s an option here for you.

‘90s Abstract

Neon had a major moment back in the ‘90s, so why not fully embrace the nostalgic style with your nails? Add some pops of bright pinks, blues, greens, and orange, then create a pattern by painting on lines and dots in black and white.

Contrasting Hearts

Want a simpler neon nail design? Choose contrasting colors and use one for the base and the other to paint on a heart shape. Stick to just two or go bold by switching up the combo on each finger.

Sheer & Shimmering

Love the sheer nail color trend? Try it with neon shades by swiping on watercolor washes topped with a coat of clear glitter. Take it to the next level by adding some black and white designs for contrast.

Clear-Tipped French Manicure

If you just can’t seem to part with your French manicure, consider giving it a dramatic twist by going with your favorite neon base with contrasting clear tips. For a little extra flair, add a few rhinestones — because who doesn’t like sparkle?

Flaming Hot Pink

Neon nails are already hot, but you can turn up the heat with a flame design. Start with a coat of sheer, shimmering pink then add the bolder shade on top, painted into a fire-y shape.

Orange Jelly

Neon nails that look like candy? Yes, please! Layers of sheer, vivid orange between super shiny iridescent ones can get you this delicious effect.

Solids & Squiggles

Can’t decide on just one neon hue for your manicure? You don’t have to with this design idea that features all solid shades on one hand, and wavy lines over bare nails on the other.

Minimalist Lines

Subtle neon nails may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s totally possible for those who want a pop of color without the drama. Start by cleaning up your natural nails, then use a fine brush to swipe on a few minimal lines, alternating neon shades on each finger. Switch up the styles, from straight to wavy to semi circles for a little added interest.

Electric Daisies

A trippy daisy design feels so ‘60s. You can paint on blooms in contrasting colors over your bare nails, or on top of another neon shade for ultra-bright tips that are guaranteed to be noticed.