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Wear Florals In A Whole New Way With These Creative Nail Designs

They’re not just for spring anymore.

flower nail designs

Florals can indeed be groundbreaking — and that includes the way you incorporate them into your manicure. You’re probably used to seeing flower nail designs in pastel hues during the spring or even neons for the summer, but with a little bit of creativity you can wear them in any season or to match any mood.

For starters, try to think beyond the typical floral motifs. By experimenting with color (or lack thereof), spacing, and scale, you can really give your flower designs a fresher feel. Also try mixing florals in with other nail trends, like chrome polish, jelly nails, or an updated French manicure. Want a little something extra? 3D charms are the coolest way to make your mani a standout (literally), just look at stars like Keke Palmer and Gigi Hadid who have already endorsed the trend.

And if you think your shorter nail length can’t pull off a floral manicure, think again. Tons of nail artists have proven that it’s not just possible — it can be totally chic. It’s all about finding the right proportions to highlight your nail size and shape. Need some examples? Ahead find 12 different styles to choose from. There’s something for every occasion and every aesthetic, so find the florals that most strike your fancy and book that appointment ASAP.

Blank Space

The key to this mod-geometric floral design? Leaving a little breathing room with blank space gives the look a breezy feel.

Just The Tips

The classic French manicure gets a floral twist with this delicate design. Leave the nail nude or coat it with your favorite color, then add your flower art to the tips only.

Multicolored Half Moons

For the reverse French effect, keep your floral design in the half-moon section of your nails only. Add a little extra playfulness by switching up the color on each finger.

Delicate Daisies

The smaller the better when it comes to this itty-bitty daisy design. Choose a contrasting shade for the background to make the delicate flowers really pop.

Decked Out In Diamonds

This flower manicure is perfect for anyone who’s not afraid to stand out. The combo of 3D diamond charms on top of a neon base is guaranteed to make your nails a topic of conversation.

Floral Chrome Nails

Flower designs can be incorporated into a variety of other nail trends, including chrome polish. In this example you can see how it adds a bit of edge to an otherwise sweet motif.

Super Sheer

Did you know you can create a stained glass effect with just a bit of blotting? Follow this tutorial for a super sheer flower design that’s so simple to DIY.

Mix & Match

Not into an all-over floral pattern? Mix it up with different styles — like aura, oyster, or simply solid colors — on your other fingers to make your manicure fun and unconventional.

Dainty Decals

Looking for flower nail art ideas you can do at home? Metallic stick-on decals like this are so user-friendly and add an instant ‘wow’ effect.

3D Roses

For a totally romantic manicure moment, 3D roses are a glamorous option. When added on top of a glittery base, they’re an even more dramatic look that’s ideal for special occasions.

Neon Brights

Think beyond basic pastels if you want your flower nail art to feel totally modern. Neon hues are perfect to give you that fresh, slightly edgy effect.

Dark & Moody

Not into the neon thing? This manicure is proof that floral designs can be made moody simply by using a darker base color.