Fall’s Biggest Hair Color Trends Embrace Cozy Season Head On

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fall 2023 hair color trends

You may have noticed a slight dip in the temperatures as of late, a sign it’s officially fall. Crisp air, changing leaf colors, blazers, boots, and vampy manicures are a few ways to usher in the new season, but have you considered your hair color? As you start getting your warm and cozy layers out of storage, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about your next look. Whether you’re in need of a complete refresh or a simple upgrade, the fall 2023 hair color trends are primed to deliver a range of options sure to fit your desires.

“This upcoming season will showcase a few standout shades and vibrant, pronounced hair colors, but will also rely heavily on the classics that autumn is most known for,” says Abby Haliti, celebrity hair colorist and founder of Abby Haliti Color Studio in New York City. Love warm, rich hues? No problem. Golden blondes, caramel bronde, and various shades of brunette are all particularly popular this year.

When it comes to selecting a new hair color, research, and expert knowledge are essential to achieving your desired look without sacrificing your hair’s health. For this reason, TZR tapped four celebrity colorists for their advice. Ahead, they share the top fall trends as well as a few notable tips for preserving your new shade.

Chestnut Brown

Rich, warm tones are often favored during the fall, as they complement the changing colors of the season. That said varying levels of brown, like this luscious chestnut color, are at the top of the list when it comes to earth-inspired shades. Haliti tells TZR that versatility is just one of the reasons this classic color is so sought after. “Chestnut is going to be big because it complements a range of skin tones and has the ability to offer both a vivid and natural look,” she says.

Along with using color-safe products and heat protectants when styling, Haliti insists that safe-guarding your hair against environmental stressors is just as important to maintaining vibrancy. “UV rays from the sun can cause dullness and fading over time.” While sunlight isn’t really avoidable, she recommends making an effort to shield your hair when it’s been freshly dyed.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is one surprising color that will be going strong this fall. “Coming off the golden bleach colors and copper tones that ruled summer, a pinky hue is the perfect color for autumn,” says Olivia Casanova, colorist and celebrity hairstylist at New York City-based IGK salon. She notes that pulling off the look is much easier than you may initially think as the shade has lots of range. “Multidimensional versions are ideal for those who prefer a light wash while a solid color can provide more intensity.”

Honey Balayage

If you’re looking for a color refresh as opposed to a full-on change, then you should consider treating your strands to a balayage appointment. Not only does it add a natural graduation of light to the hair, but it’s the best way to formulate a blended look. For fall, Haliti tells TZR that a honey hue featuring caramel and golden tones can easily lift soft brown shades, giving them dimension, shine, and warmth.

Lauren Mildice, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, also notes that balayage can quickly tone down the bright blondes that are more popular during spring and summer. “Enriching the base area with sun-kissed colors creates a framework and keeps the blonde from looking too beachy or Barbie-esque,” she says. Plus it provides a graceful transition as the hair grows so you don’t have to worry about messy roots.

Cowgirl Copper

According to celebrity hair colorist and Moroccan Oil global celebrity colorist Matt Rez, cowgirl copper, also known as ginger bronde and bropper, is the ideal blend for the shifting season. “A brownish dimensional blonde with copper will reflect the undertones in order to create an enhanced shade.” While there may be a lot of complexity with this hair color, Rez notes that talking with your stylists is your best bet for gaining prominent color and maintaining your hair’s health.

At the salon, he recommends asking for a neutral brown base first and adding warm copper-toned blonde highlights. “This will give the traditional bronde a spiced appearance that’s reflective of fall,” he says.

Golden Blonde

If you are completely devoted to being blonde with no plans on budging, you’re in luck as golden hair continues to be a top trend. “With the success of summer’s Barbie movie, it’s no surprise that bright blondes will remain in the spotlight this fall,” notes Casanova.

The classic color that flows from root to tip features golden-buttered tones that are warm enough to last throughout the transitional period and well into the cooler months. Maintenance, however, is the one downside that comes with it. “Depending on how dark your natural color is, you may need touchups as early as six weeks after dyeing [it],” says Casanova.

Sun-Kissed Brunette

For natural brunettes, Casanova tells TZR that the addition of a few subtle highlights speckled around the face is the best way to transition your summer hair color into the brisk months of fall. Not to mention it’s extremely universal, classic, and ultra-flattering. “Sun-kissed brunette is great for every hair texture and skin tone and is easily customizable to each individual. It’s also a nice option for those who are looking for something that’s low maintenance and requires little upkeep at home,” she says.

Fine Wine

Wine tones are also having a major moment moving into autumn, with colors ranging from burgundy, merlot, and shiraz. “Think of this as a power red that screams fall and allows you to dive into the season headfirst,” says Mildice.

Milk Chocolate Brown

Brown hair is having a moment this year, with variations of dark espresso and expensive brunette all gaining popularity. But as Casanova notes, this season is bringing a subdued shift. “I’m seeing a softer version that’s less about depth and is more focused on smooth milk chocolate-like browns,” she says. Think rich undertones that can be either warm or cool, as opposed to the darker espresso hues.

Another bonus to this uncomplicated shade is that it’s very easy to achieve and maintain, especially for natural brunettes. “You’ll need touch-ups every eight to 12 weeks, but to maintain this color’s richness at home, I always tell my clients to avoid washing their so often, and be sure to use cool water as it will seal the cuticle and keep the color intact,” she says.

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