Come Fall, All The Fashion Girlies Will Be Wearing Nautical Nails

Level up your mani game.

fall color trends

With the record-breaking temperatures this summer, it’s hard to believe that fall is on the horizon. To get you excited for cooler days, look no further than a fresh and elevated manicure to match your cozy sweater aesthetic. When considering the best fall 2022 nail color trends, classic shades like tried-and-true black, navy, and burgundy will forever reign supreme. “Darker nudes and plum colors are going to be huge this year for fall,” says celebrity nail artist Deborah Lippmann to TZR. “You can also throw in some sparkle to continue to shine and be your best self.”

Rest assured though, if you don’t subscribe to traditional fall colors, you’re in luck, too. Lippmann also sees glam rock nails having a major moment this coming season. “Clubby, attention-grabbing vibes will be all over fingers this fall,” the expert says. And Hemi Park, LeChat Nails educator couldn’t agree more: “As we take out our favorite fall wardrobe, beaming sparkly nails will replace some of your favorite bracelets and rings,” she shares. “Pulled straight from the 2022 Haute Couture shows, sequins and crystals will make a big, luxury impact on your fall manicure.”

Ahead, see what other nail polish trends the industry’s top nail talent is predicting for fall, and shop some must-have lacquers to try the looks at home.

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Moody Green

“An unexpected hit this year has been dark shades of green and that’s here to stay for fall,” Steph Stone, celebrity manicurist, tells TZR. And Rita Remark, essie global lead educator and nail artist agrees. “Deep forest green and all other green hues are rich, saturated, and super versatile.”

Rich Plum

According to Lippmann, plum screams sophistication for your nails. It’s stunning for more formal occasions as it’s not too bold to demand all the attention, but is fashion-forward and can work for any daytime look as well. In terms of maintenance, Jan Arnold, co-founder and style director of CND, recommends daily use of SolarOil to condition the nails to boost resiliency, while simultaneously preventing breakage.

Chrome Tips

According to Chaun Legend, Lottie London's artist in residence and celebrity manicurist, “gorgeous nude and pink shades offset with a chrome tip is going to be one of the must-have looks for fall.” The pro describes the trend as an elevated, modern take on a classic that you simply can’t go wrong with. “Chrome tips are like extending your jewelry all the way to your nails,” Legend continues.

Extra Sparkles

Inspired by the glamorous 2022 ready-to-wear and runway shows, sparkles will make a huge splash this season. According to Shelena Robinson, OPI global education manager, sparkling accents or all-over embellishment will add vibrant multi-hued color that will help raise the energy of the wearer — a must for the busy fall season ahead.

Chocolate Brown

It wouldn’t be fall without a gorgeous brown lacquer in the mix. Robinson describes this season’s tones as rich chocolate shade that can complement a variety of skin tones. Arnold recommends a regular maintenance salon service in between wears to maintain the health of your nails and keep your manicure looking sleek.

Deep Ruby

According to Remark, deep ruby red is a rich and decadent shade for fall. “It feels like dessert on my nails, and yet, it’s still extremely versatile,” the pro says about the chameleon color. As a preservation tip, Brittney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and founder of NAILS OF LA, recommends filing your nails frequently to make sure the free edge is smooth. “When they’re jagged, they can snag easily, causing them to tear or break,” she tells TZR. “Make sure you’re using a fine filer, no less than 180 grits, to ensure a smooth finish.”

Milky White

Park recommends a soft milky white to add warmth and a feminine look to your fall manicure. To jazz it up, try pearl adornments or glitter for added flair. For healthy, non-brittle nails, Boyce suggests ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost to infuse nails with strengthening ingredients and keep your natural nails in top shape.

Deep Sea

“Deep ocean shades are excellent choices to complement traditional fall wardrobes,” Park tells TZR of these nautical inspired tones. “These deep rich shades of blues will make big statements on any length and can create a versatile look when it’s mixed with different textures like chrome, glitter, or matte.”