Stop Everything & Check Out Lizzo's Candy-Inspired Glitter Brows

So we’re all trying it out this weekend, right?

“Thank me later!” Lizzo promised when she posted a series of Instagram shots showing off the results of her latest glam session, and as usual, she was right — I know I’m already thankful for what’s sure to be one of summer’s (and festival season’s) most copied trends. In the photos, we see a stunning Lizzo done up in her most colorful look yet: cotton candy pink and blue eyeliners, matching rhinestone-covered nails, cheery pink cheeks, and a seriously bold set of pink glitter brows. Yes, Lizzo just debuted glitter eyebrows and it’s some of the funnest makeup seen on a celebrity all year. Next to her moon-sized diamond hoops, it’s an all-around shimmer moment perfect for a fun night with friends.

The glittery brows came courtesy of Lizzo’s go-to makeup guru, artist Alexx Mayo, who also took the photos she uploaded. Mayo seems to one of Lizzo’s favorite collaborators, with the pair teaming up on most of the rapper-singer-flautist’s most memorable looks — he’s also done the same for Tinashe. This one in particular worked so well that Lizzo wore it out that evening to a dinner at Nobu, dressed in a summery white Thom Browne shorts set that let all focus stay on her immaculate, colorful makeup.

Lizzo and Mayo seem to love playing around with the dramatic effects that different eyebrows style can turn on and off with ease. Earlier this month, the creative duo experimented with barely there bleach blonde brows that played up Lizzo’s gleaming earrings, sunset-painted lip, and gold Bantu knots.

While Mayo hasn’t revealed the exact products or process that went into this (surprisingly wearable) work of cosmetic art except for its Gummy Bear inspiration, what we know about the cosmic style — also seen on fellow stars like Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadid — is that it requires some patience, some skin-safe adhesive, and enough Q-Tips for some careful cleanup — Lizzo’s brows are neat and arched even under their unicorn-colored glitter coating. But if you’re eager to try out the shimmery look without going all in, there are plenty of glitter-infused eyebrow gel products out there for just a hint of summertime sparkle. Lizzo, no need to thank you later — I’ll do it right now.

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