Gear Up, Hotties: Megan Thee Stallion’s New Nail Art Is About To Majorly Trend

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Megan Thee Stallion with long green nails

Paging all the hotties: A new nail art trend is here, ushered in by none other than the Hot Girl Commander-in-Chief herself. After a long summer of upbeat neons, tropical-themed decals, and subtly pretty manicures, Megan Thee Stallion’s nail art — her latest nail art, that is — takes manicures to literal new heights: outer space. In new photos shared on her Instagram, Megan showed off a new set of long, perfectly filed nails featuring an eye-popping galaxy pattern, complete with airbrushed planets, stars, comets, and a cosmic rainbow of colors. Even if a set this elaborate is out-of-reach for most, it’s safe to say that galaxy nails in some form are a cold-weather trend you’re about to see everywhere.

Anyone following Megan Thee Stallion even a little bit closely can tell you that the frequency with which the rapper posts new, over-the-top nail sets is nearly biweekly — which is seriously impressive considering each set’s attention to detail. Just days before Meg posted this space-inspired art, she was showing off similarly painstaking heat map nails, which also looked as colorful and original as her current set. But the microscopic detailing on these space nails, which clearly involved an airbrush tool, several brushes, and at least a dozen colors, takes the cake as her most involved design yet.

While Meg didn’t share the identity of the nail artist responsible for this set, it’s clear they have a serious eye for miniature design. Upon closer inspection, the set is even more intricate than originally thought. Zoom in on the space-scape and you’ll see tiny rhinestones and clear bubbles strategically placed down and around the nails for added shine, texture, and dimensional effect.


What’s even more interesting is, judging by the photos, it seems like Megan’s left hand is done in cool tones while the right is warm — which leaves some fans speculating about possible new music clues hidden in the design. But then again, considering Megan Thee Stallion changes up her incredible nail looks at the same rate most people change clothes, she could just be really into space right now.

While nailing (pun intended) this exact design might be difficult without professional help, there are plenty of tricks to approximate the intergalactic look at home. Flicking a paintbrush bristle full of white nail polish onto chrome-polished fingers can give a Milky Way effect while using a wedged makeup sponge to blot on metallic reds, greens, blues, and golds look like planets. Of course, when in doubt, there’s always the decal shortcut — just peel, stick, and topcoat it.

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