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These Daisy Nails Are The Prettiest Manicure You’ll See All Week

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daisy nails

If your Instagram explore page looks anything like team TZR's, there's no shortage of swoon-worthy nail inspiration floating around on your feed. Whether it’s celebrity manicurists showing off their work on the red carpet or just nail art enthusiasts showing off their latest creations, it seems like the platform has become a haven for nail art (and no one is complaining). This aesthetically pleasing content can easily pull you into a seemingly endless scrolling session, which serves as both a welcome distraction from the day-to-day monotony as well as a way to get inspired for your next manicure. This week, daisy nails have stuck out as one of the most memorable styles circulating the app, along with a slew of other summer-appropriate nail designs.

Among these are even more iterations of the oh-so-trendy (and super nostalgic) French manicure, intricate hand-painted florals, inventive textures, and subtle 3D adornments. Whether you’re headed to the nail salon or planning to tackle your next manicure at home DIY-style, these designs will certainly make you want to hit that “bookmark” button and probably share them with a friend or two.

Ahead, take a look through TZR’s top ten favorite Instagram nail looks of the week and prepare to be inspired and influenced.

Daisy Nails

We may be fully in summer now, but spring florals are still drawing me in and this dainty daisy nail art design put the biggest smile on my face; it’s so simple and feminine but just bright enough to catch someone’s eye.” — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor, TZR

Ombré Outline French

“If you’re looking for a hit list of the summer’s hottest nail trends, just take a peek at this design: gradient ombré, negative space, French manicure, blue nails. All of the season’s most swoon-worthy nail looks in one very cute manicure package.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor, TZR

Green Reverse French

“Although I’ve been blessed with naturally long and strong nails, lately I’m very into short and sweet nail designs. The reverse French nail trend is everywhere at the moment and for good reason — it’s a fresh new take on the colorful tip look — and I am living for this green and gem-embellished iteration.” — H.B.

Summer Strawberry Nails

“Lately, I’ve been taking advantage of my at-home nail collection and polishing my fingers on my own. And although I have the nail tools and stickers to execute cool designs, there is something so chic about one color all over. I’m living for this strawberry ice cream color and the clean cuticles.” — N.M.

Dainty 3D Nails

“I don't typically go for 3D nail art but this upgrade on a neutral manicure makes me happy. I always love OPI's light pink 'bubble bath' color as a base, but the dainty blue gems centered along the cuticle give it an instant summer update.” — Taylor Jean Stephan, beauty news writer, TZR

Hand-Painted Floral Nails

Floral nails have been having a moment, but these black hand painted roses are next-level chic. They're so artistic and intricate. Plus, the simplified color scheme is a nice change from all the bright colors we’ve been seeing as of late.” — T.J.S.

Leaf Nails

“Floral nails get all the love, but this set designed to look like different plants, leaves, and general greenery is so detailed and captivating without overt brightness or drama. Even the raised texture is subtle — it’s unbeleafable (sorry lol)” —Amanda Ross, beauty news writer, TZR

Amethyst Crystal Nails

“Jade nails, rose quartz nails — I love them all, but the all-time best crystal-themed manicure might be this swirly purple amethyst edition. The marbled pattern transforms into the look of a cut geode thanks to those glittery purple boundaries tracing the scalloped edges.” —A.R.

Mix & Match Nails

“This mix-and-match mani allows you to skip the agony of selecting a nail design by incorporating a variety of different styles. Plus, the bright neon colors give off the most glorious summer vibes.” —Catherine Santino, beauty news writer, TZR

Negative Space Half Moon Nails

“I love the pop of cherry red and negative space half moon design — just the perfect amount of art, which I’ll never get tired of, and it goes with anything in my wardrobe. It’s one I’ll request time and time again with different colors depending on my mood.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief, TZR