The $8 Product That Gives You A Hydrated, Salon-Level Manicure Every Time

Pamper from the comfort of your couch.

at-home manicure products

Although an act of self-care, regular trips to the nail salon can get expensive. Add in gel, apres, dip, nail designs, accents, tips, and more — and the price will only continue to rise. Which is why learning how to execute a manicure at home is not only great for your bank account but also still yields salon-quality results.

Not to mention, caring for your nails in-between appointments and seasons is essential for their overall health. It helps them stay hydrated and protects them from environmental stressors — all the TLC needed to build strong, healthy digits. And just like the skin on your body, your hands experience dryness and lack of moisture with the changing of seasons, too. So what nourishing hand products are ideal for a seamless at-home manicure? And what high-quality polish will yield a glossy, moisturized finish?

Turns out it’s all in the ingredients. Look for products that contain moisturizing oils (rose and lavender are great options), or milk and honey to soothe dry skin and restore the moisture. To help you combat the effects of the dry air, or create a viral-worthy mani, TZR curated the below list of manicure products that will make the DIY route so easy. Those who live in climates that easily suck out the moisture, or those who work with their hands will appreciate the hydrating tools below that make for a salon-worthy manicure.

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Go for color this summer with a burnt orange polish from Emilie Heathe that can complement your summer glow.

Apply daily or when needed for the softest hands of your life, no matter the season.

Invest in Le Labo Hand Soap for its lustrous rosemary leaf and buckthorn formulation. Your dry, brittle nails will thank you.

The Butter By Keba My Palm Spa Handcare Kit is packed with a 3-step process proven to protect, moisturize and remove the appearance of dry hands and cuticles. No one will know you gave yourself that flawless hand treatment at home.

For minimalist, natural nails with little effort, use the Azalea Drive Sunday Morning Nail Polish. It’s a semi-sheer milky white that just oozes minimalist fashion girl vibes.

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