Curly Bobs Are Taking Over Instagram & These Are The Best Looks To Try

Consider this your cue to go for the chop.

curly bobs

Curly hair has its perks. On a good day, ringlets of different shapes and sizes can instantly give you a voluminous look. Then there are the moments when frizz gets the best of your strands and makes styling your curls seemingly impossible. But the great thing about coils, whether loose or tightly wound, is that they will always deliver a unique style – especially when paired with a timeless haircut. At first glance, you may think that all curly bobs look the same. However, thanks to varying patterns and textures, there’s versatility (think free-flowing lobs or cropped bangs with corkscrew-like twists).

The truth is, bobs work well with any hair type. But when it comes to curls, the simple look is instantly transformed. With bouncy ringlets that deliver a glass-like shine, a curly bob can be just as enticing as a sleek and straight version. There’s also room to experiment with length. Maybe you aren’t completely ready to chop off all your hair. If that’s the case, a long shoulder-grazing style might be a good fit. On the other hand, a face-framing short cut is a nice option if you’re in need of a full-on change.

Choosing the right bob comes down to your personal taste and hair texture. If you’ve been toying with shaping your curls into a bob, there’s never been a better time than the present. Below, the best versions of the classic cut for curly hair.

French Bob

Of the many iterations, the French bob is one of the most interesting. Characterized by its cropped length and baby bangs, it’s an eye-catching style all its own. However, with natural curls, the look gets a dose of edge that’s playful and easygoing. The key to nailing this cool cut is to balance the proportions. By nature, the curls will add volume, so you want to be careful with how short you choose to go.

Soft Waves

Curls come in all shapes and sizes. Though they’re not as defined as tight coils, loose waves can deliver a fun bob with lots of body. Even better? This soft look is easy to achieve and is incredibly low-maintenance. Instead of using heat, let your strands air dry after washing them for an effortless look.

Hollywood Curls

If your hair is naturally textured, a roller set can give you glamorous curls sans the heat. Take a cue from this look that uses a velcro version instead of a curling iron. To recreate at home, part your hair into three equal sections. Then, working in small groups, add the rollers, ensuring that you are curling the hair under. Just before you hop into bed, cover them with a silk scarf or bonnet to minimize friction and frizz.

Long Bob

There’s no denying that short bobs are having a renaissance right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lean into a longer style. If you’re worried that a cropped cut may be too bulky, a lob is the perfect alternative. It’s great for loose curls that have more density towards the ends of the hair. With this version, you can create a shape without it appearing weighty.

Textured Waves

When you have natural curls, sometimes frizz is unavoidable. Instead of letting it ruin your look, why not embrace a more tamed version? With this bob, the slightly frazzled strands add texture and fullness. However, you don’t want your hair to look or feel dry. To keep it moisturized and shiny, smooth a couple of drops of hair oil through your strands. As a bonus, it will also keep flyaways at bay.

Square Bob

Boxy bobs aren’t for everyone. But for those looking for a one-of-a-kind style, the interesting shape can be a good fit. Not only does it create an instant frame, but it gives structure to rounder face shapes. Similarly, its strong squared-off form can help soften an angular jawline for a more balanced look.

Middle Part

Parts can help define a look, especially in the case of a bob. A side swoop has a youthful, edgy vibe, while a middle version has classic appeal. If you have larger curls, it also creates a free-flowing style. To ensure your hair remains smoothed at the crown, add a touch of oil or serum after parting to make the distinction more prominent and the flyaway strands lying flat.


Asymmetrical cuts have a bold, powerful feel and look just as good on curly hair. This kind of bob can be difficult to execute with any texture. That said, finding a stylist who’s skilled in cutting curls will be essential. After all, you want sharp and angular, not misshaped. To ensure you’re getting exactly the look you desire, make time to chat about your expectations ahead of your appointment.

Chin Length

Chin-grazing bobs are a great choice for curly hair because they instantly add shape. Straight versions of this style rely on curved ends to frame the face. While that can create an alluring look, curls add volume and drama that are equally enchanting. With this look, you don’t have to worry about having a defined part. Instead, allow your hair to fall as it organically would for a natural feel.

Natural Afro

A curly bob is the perfect cut to give your natural hair a stylish shape. This look, for example, has layers that add structure and movement. Unlike other styles, the curls are often cut dry to get the most accurate form. That said, it’s important to research the salon and its stylists to find one that’s well-versed in different textures and curl patterns.