These 10 Hair Care Products Will Help You Win The Fight Against Frizz

Hydration is key.

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As summer comes into focus, it’s likely your hair is signaling the pinnacle of the season by doing its magical frizz routine. Yes, the sweltering heat and humidity synonymous with this time of year has a way of bringing out the best in skin (instant glow) and the worst in hair. That said, arming yourself with the right frizz-fighting products could soften the blow and help you better enjoy all that summer has to offer.

“If you have thick hair, hot and humid air may cause your strands to expand and result in frizz,” say Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson, founders and owners of DreamGirls, a natural hair care brand that specializes in healthy hair growth and extension services. “We recommend that those with curly hair do not use products containing sulphates as they strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dryer, frizzier, and more prone to breakage. During humid weather, it is good to use an oil-based product like our True Essence Oil as it helps to keep frizz at a minimum while giving your hair a healthy shine.”

Michael Forrey, former creative director of Sassoon NYC and stylist at Striiike salon in Beverly Hills, says a leave-in treatment is a must when working with natural or curly hair. “What you want is a product that gives you moisture and locks it in,” he explains. “Moisture and hold. The frizzier and finer [the hair], the more hold you might need. The dryer and thicker [the hair], the more moisture you will need.”

As for ingredients to look for in a product, Forrey says natural oils are best. “Your hair absorbs these oils as their own, adding moisture to combat the frizz,” he explains. “Unlike silicone or other synthetic moisturizers that tend to sit on top of the hair, look for things like avocado oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil.” The exception to this rule? Mineral oil, which Forrey says can irritate the scalp. Butters like shea, cocoa, and mango are also star ingredients to seek in an anti-frizz product, according to the hair pro, not to mention witch hazel. Taking notes?

Ahead, some key products to help keep your hair hydrated, healthy, and frizz-free through the dog days of summer.

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