This Curly Haircut Allowed Me To Go Maintenance-Free For 2 Weeks

No touch-ups required.

by Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh with her short and curly haircut

My 4A coils and curls, although great-looking and so fun, have a life of their own, making styling a headache at times. Occasionally, they thrive with ultra-hydrating curl custards and puddings, other days they prefer lightweight hair oils and serums. Sometimes, they’ll spring up on their own, while most days they need the assistance of a comb or my finger to achieve the right definition and shape. No matter how well I perfect my curl routine — stocking up on sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, investing in innovative diffusers, and spending time saturating the strands with moisturizing hair masks — week after week, I find myself refreshing my coils every three to four days to ensure they look as good as they did on wash day. However, my recent short and curly haircut (more on that later) completely changed the state of my curls and hair routine for the better.

As mentioned before, I’ve tried curl refresh sprays, glossy serums, and curl gels. Sure, they are a temporary fix, but they don’t produce salon-worthy results on my curls, and I usually find myself rewashing and restyling my hair twice a week. Four years in, I’ve accepted the fact that my styling skills only last three to four days max, so I typically plan accordingly. However, when I discovered Bianca Marie, Los Angeles- and New York City-based hair stylist and educator, and her curly haircut technique I was intrigued to see what it could do for my hair. Spoiler alert: It changed my life.

Ahead, my journey with the Bumble and bumble stylist and how, for the first time in four years, her cutting technique allowed me to go two weeks without any touch ups or refresh products, which is unheard of in the natural community. Plus, all the products she used on my curls during the service and the stand out ones I use in my weekly routine.

What Happens At A Curly Cut Hair Appointment?

I arrived at Bumble and bumble with my hair in twists, a protective style I typically do during busy work weeks. So the first step was for Marie to untwist my hair to see it in its natural state. “I wanted to see where your hair wanted to live,” the expert shared. “It’s important for me to see the shape of the previous cut so that I know where to set the new shape.” Next up: the actual dry cut. Hair is cut dry to easily see the shape evolve and make changes on the fly. First to go were the sides, then the back of my hair, and the front and crown for the end.

“Instead of using a comb, I used my hands to avoid altering or manipulating the natural curl pattern,” says the hair pro. This ensures she can always have a clear view of what the hair wants to do. “It’s important for me to see and know where the hair wants to fall and wants to live naturally because if I over-direct a hair strand too much or move it where it doesn’t want to live, I can cut it and it’ll spring back and be too short,” Marie tells TZR. “This will create holes all over the head and that’s just not the vibe.”

Trust the process

Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh

This entire process took a little over an hour before it was time to move to the front, which was cut free hand to focus on, again, where the hair wanted to live — while connecting the top to the sides and back for a seamless blend. These cutting techniques defined the shape of my cut and prepped the hair for the next step, the wash. Marie started with detoxifying Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo to ensure all product buildup was removed and guarantee the hair would hold onto moisture in the remaining steps. The detoxing was followed by Bumble and bumble Curl Moisturizing Shampoo to add back any hydration that was lost in the detox wash. Then came the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Mask that stayed on my hair for 10 minutes with a hot towel on top.

To prep my curls for styling, a Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer was then placed on my head to help detangle and a defining Bumble and bumble Curl Defining Cream and lightweight Bumble and bumble Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse were used to style. Marie started by sectioning my hair and applying the mousse directly on top of the cream as she finger coiled my hair and used a fine tooth comb for shorter areas. To lock in the curl definition, I sat under a dryer for 25 to 30 minutes to fully dry. The appointment finished off with a Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil to soften any cast that might have formed from the products, and a pick to lift some of the roots for more volume.

The Results After My Curly Haircut

‘WOW,” was the general emotion I felt after Marie spun me around in the chair and I got to see the three-hour cut come to life. My sharp shape perfectly highlighted the spring-y texture of my healthy curls. They fell exactly where I wanted them too, appearing fuller at the crown and fringe and tapered at the sides and back. I felt confident and inspired to knock off the rest of my to-do list that day. However, as great as the in-salon feeling was, what really sealed the deal for me were the following two maintenance-free weeks.

Natasha Marsh

Depending on my schedule, my hair can take between 45 and 75 minutes to wash and style, and an extra 25 minutes if I plan to diffuse or sit under my hooded dryer. When you have to do that every three to four days, it adds up. The way Marie cut my hair coupled with the products that seemed perfectly formulated for my texture drastically changed my day-to-day life for the better. I no longer need to carve out three to four hours in my week just for my hair. Like I said, I had accepted this reality but now seeing things could be different, I’m never going back. And because Marie taught me that proper cleansing always prepares the hair to stay hydrated and defined as the days go on, I have stuck to her eight-product plan and now, four weeks later, I’m still experiencing such lush results.

Is A Curly Cut Worth It?

Although the haircut is priced at $200 dollars, it is absolutely worth it. Sometimes what’s in the way of your hair is the hair. Marie shared that curls need a place to rest; and when there is too much hair or density, they start getting fussy and look for new places to rest — fully explaining why they have a life of their own. But once a bit of density is taken out, split ends are snipped, and lightweight, nourishing, and clarifying products made for curls are added in, you can go from 60-minute curl refresh days twice a week, to never needing to touch your hair for two weeks. The time you save is unmatched.