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These Are The Best Face Oils For Instant Glowy Skin

A nighttime essential.

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Join TZR editors for Main Squeeze, the series dedicated to sharing beloved beauty products — be they bold, effective, or simply fun — that make our week just a little bit better. Ahead, Team TZR spotlights the best face oils of the moment.

When winter rolls around, the threat of dry skin becomes real. Regardless of your skin type, the choppy winds and blistering temperatures can wreak havoc on your face. So, of course, it’s time to make adjustments to your daily routine. Beyond swapping out your lightweight moisturizer for a weightier cream, you should consider adding one of the best face oils to your lineup. Rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and so much more, they are a beauty staple during the colder months. That’s not to say you need to ditch your go-to creams. By nature, moisturizers drive moisture into your skin. But face oils are more occlusive and create a barrier to prevent water and beloved ingredients from evaporating.

In short, they provide a deeper level of nourishment and protection against the elements. Even better? They instantly give you a glowy and luminous complexion. If you think a face oil sounds like the magic elixir your winter skin craves, you’re not wrong. But in a sea of options, finding the best one for your skin’s needs can be challenging. The key is to choose a blend that’s tailored to your concerns. If you want to fight off signs of aging, consider an oil-serum hybrid packed with potent active ingredients. Or maybe you just want a bit more hydration and a heavenly glow. The good news is that the realm of face oils is vastly inclusive. But if you’re still having trouble, the below picks from the TZR team are a good place to start.

Ahead, the best face oils to hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin all season long.

“I've been on a big Uma kick since summer. The brand's holistic, Ayurvedic blends make me feel like I'm caring for my skin and body on a much deeper level. This face oil is a particular fave as it's packed with essential oils and nutrients that leave my skin glowy for hours. I like to pat it on as a final step in my day and night to seal in my skin care and allow for better absorption of ingredients, while working to keep my skin hydrated and healthy.” — Angela Melero, executive editor, TZR

“I use Le Prunier plum oil as the last step to my nighttime skin care routine, which is quite minimal and nowhere near nine steps. Which is why each product I use must feel good and work effectively. I love the watery consistency that applies and absorbs easily into my skin, and the way my face feels moisturized thereafter. It’s my go-to for dry winter nights.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief, TZR

“I got a mini version of Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil in one of its skin care bundles, and I’m almost down to the last drop. I apply it as the last step in my nighttime routine, and it gives my complexion a dewy, bouncy appearance. It’s a life savior when my combination skin looks lackluster during the cold months.” — Kelsey Stewart, associate fashion editor, TZR

“Vintner's Daughter's face oil has reached cult status, and for good reason. It's packed with a slew of botanical oils that brighten and firm the skin, and I love that it doesn't clog my pores or leave my oily skin feeling greasy. It's perfect as the last step in my skin care routine before bed, and I always wake up with a more hydrated complexion.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director, lifestyle, BDG

“Come winter, I swear by rosehip oil for everything from skin care to body care. This bottle has been in my rotation for a few years and surprises me every time I put it to use. It’s made from a blend of oils including jasmine, jojoba, and olive, that deeply moisturize the surface of my skin, and squalane and vitamin E that nurture beneath the surface. I typically use it in the evening to lock in moisture but have also been known to dab a bit on during the daytime for an extra glowy and dewy look.” — Jessica Fields, beauty writer, TZR

“I'm not a huge face oil fan, but I'll top off my nighttime winter skin care routine with BeautyStat's 100% pure squalane oil for extra hydration. I also use this oil as a means to provide slip when I'm using face tools like a gua sha or my Lyma laser.” — Erin Lukas, Deputy Beauty Editor, TZR

“I love, collection, and hoard face oils like there's going to be a shortage one day, but if I could only bring one to a proverbial desert island with me, it would be the do-it-all serum from Vintner's Daughter. There hasn't been a morning after drenching my face with this nutrient packed, lightly herbal scented elixir that I don't wake up looking refreshed and dewy.” — Alison Syrett, deputy fashion editor, TZR

“I have pretty dry skin, especially during the winter, so I like all of my skin care products to have hydrating qualities. This face oil from The Outset makes my skin feel luxurious and radiant. It also dries quickly, allowing me to apply other products shortly after.” — Maggie Haddad, sr strategist, social media, TZR

“If you're averse to face oil in general, let me assure you — this one is the exception. Not only does the non-sticky, non-greasy formula sink right into the skin rather than just sitting on top, but it's an ideal final layer over my thicker creams at night. It really comes down to the oil's key ingredients, all nutrient-rich, Brazilian-sourced botanicals that draw in and trap moisture.” — Amanda Ross, beauty editor, TZR

“I was first drawn to this bottle thanks to its ‘Velvet Skin Drink’ name. However, I was happy to learn that the formula included the entire Santorini grape plant. In it, the fruit, seeds, and skin are pressed to release antioxidants and resveratrol — which is great for evening tone. The oil also lives up to its velvet name and makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and soft.” — Fields

“While this oil offers deep hydration, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling (and looking) like an oil slick. I’ll admit, when I first tried this product I wasn’t expecting it to be so effective at minimizing the dark spots on my chin from old breakouts – I typically turn to serums for that. However, I was pleasantly surprised. After a few weeks of use, my hyperpigmentation looked lighter, all thanks to the brightening combo of vitamin C and damask rose oil.” –Lukas

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