Love A Minimalist Beauty Look? Time To Follow These 10 Influencers

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Samantha Borges having a minimalist makeup look

Makeup is incredibly versatile. Some people love a full-face beat with a glittery cut-crease and full lashes while others opt for a natural dewy base and light mascara. While full glam is always a fun look, sometimes you want to go more minimal — that certainly seems to be a trending beauty look for the fall 2022 season. And if you’re on the hunt for new inspiration, the top minimalist makeup influencers can provide it in spades.

If you scour the beauty accounts on your TikTok or Instagram feed, you’ll be sure to find that some of your favorite beauty influencers are getting rid of the matte foundations and heavier powders, for a softer look that comprises dewy foundations, cream blushes and highlights, and soft lashes. Evidence of this shift has also been see on the runways as well. During the Max Mara Fall 2022 collection, the models wore barely there makeup looks that reflected the neutral tones of the clothes. However, minimal doesn’t always mean the absence of color and shape, especially when it comes to makeup.

Celebs trendsetters like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid are definitely the blueprint for the minimalist makeup look this season. They can both be seen sporting a super natural skin base with neutral tones and light glossy lips, providing all the glazed donut inspo you need.

If you’re looking to get a feel for how minimalist makeup wearers achieve the look, here are 10 beauty influencers to follow right now.

Saïti (@lecoindesaiti)

If @lecoindesaiti has mastered one thing, it’s got to be the perfect dewy base. She has come through with lots of minimal makeup inspo featuring pretty cream blush, bare eyes, and a perfectly blended glossy highlight.

Natasha Bellamy (_natashabellamy_)

Natasha Bellamy proves that minimal doesn’t equal boring. She spices up a natural base with a black cat-eye wing and a berry-colored lip.

Samantha Borges (@sambinaa)

In addition to her Pinterest-worthy minimal fashion style, Samantha Borges shares some of her golden minimal makeup looks with her followers. Definitely using this for post-summer glow inspo.

Kara (@karabeautyminimalist)

Kara identifies herself as a beauty minimalist and constantly shares the products she uses to get the look on her page. Make sure to follow her for detailed product reviews that will make you head to your nearest Sephora immediately.

Shalini Kutti (@urshaynesss)

Shalini Kutti shares tons of GRWM videos on her page, giving her followers an in-depth look into the products she uses to achieve her minimalist looks. She calls her posts “unfiltered makeup therapy.”

Nena (@akllasisa)

Nena is a huge promoter of clean beauty, meaning beauty products that are made sustainably and ethically. In addition, she creates tons of minimal makeup looks that feature flushed cheeks and rosy lips.

Merry (@merry.laney)

Minimal doesn't mean there’s a lack of color or design and @merrylaney showcases that with her looks. She added fun eyeshadow and eyeliner shapes to a very light and dewy makeup base.

Eboy Ohen (@gl0hen)

It’s definitely giving skin! Eboy Ohen gives all the best inspo for a glowy complexion and glossy lips.

Carly (@glambycarly)

Carly, a licensed makeup artist, gives variety by doing super fun and artistic looks while also providing everyday makeup looks that are glowy and more minimal.

Soleil Isabella Crow (@soileillcrow)

Soleil Crow is a makeup artist who shares simple looks that spotlight the best blush and glossy lips inspiration for fall.

Interested in joining the minimalist make-up lifestyle? These influencers have got you covered!

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