Cardi B’s Latest Manicure Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Her

Her most personal nail art yet?

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
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Have you ever had your aura read? If you’ve yet to, the practice involves identifying and photographing a color (or colors) associated with the electromagnetic energy someone gives off. Knowing your current aura is like the result of an online personality quiz — it can help you understand yourself better. You might have even seen friends on Instagram posting photos of themselves surrounded by hazy, colorful blobs — their own auras — as a way to feel in-tune with their own energy, but Cardi B’s chic take on the concept is next-level. Cardi B’s aura nails, featuring a long set of squared-off nails carefully painted with what looks like different-colored auras on each with some 3D detailing, will be absolutely everywhere this summer — guaranteed.

The nails, long and colorful and undeniably cool, have only been seen in snippets on Cardi’s Instagram page — but even a few lingering glimpses of the manicure is enough to appreciate the intricate design and seriously original concept. Each nail features a different-colored base shade like yellow, blue, green, or white, with a hazy, airbrushed-looking aura at the very center. Even more interesting, though, are the puffy, 3D lines and vectors snaking across some of the auras themselves. Fans could catch a glimpse of the manicure in her mini Versace-inspired photoshoot with her sister, but Cardi saved the closeups for more casual Instagram Stories — in one of her most recent Stories, she’s primping with her glam team and showing off the nails along with her boba tea.


It’s not entirely clear which nail artist is responsible for the creative new manicure, but the safe money is on Jenny Bui, known within the industry as the “Queen of Bling” — she’s Cardi’s go-to, and the pair always come up with the most elaborate designs together.


Traditionally, purple auras are associated with passionate visionaries and yellow usually equals a playful, optimistic spirit. Is that kind of the perfect recipe for Cardi B’s creative, exuberant personality? This is the nail art equivalent to wearing your heart on your sleeve — and considering all the available surface area, you can take the auras of everyone you love with you at all times. Surely this is something Cardi, a true romantic at heart, has already considered.