30 Beauty Oils To Keep Your Face, Body, And Hair Hydrated
by Jessica DeFino and Natasha Marsh
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Not too long ago, many beauty enthusiasts thought of oil as public enemy number one. Today, the opposite is true. Face oils are effectively taking over the skin care industry thanks to their hydration-boosting, moisture-locking abilities — but your face isn’t the only area that could benefit from an oil infusion. The best beauty oils for face and body prove that oils can (and should!) be used head to toe to promote softness, shine, and hydration all over. And the best part? Derms are on board.

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“Body oils are more moisturizing than body lotions,” Dr. Devika Icecreamwala, a dermatologist with Icecreamwala Dermatology in San Francisco, tells TZR. “The reason for this is that lotions have a higher water content than oils.” Oils are often absorbed faster than lotions, too, since your pores are pretty much primed to soak them up — after all, the body naturally produces its own moisturizing oil, so to speak, in the form of sebum.

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Plant-based oils like olive oil and jojoba oil are similar to your skin’s natural oils, so once applied to the body, your skin recognizes it, allowing it to absorb more quickly while replenishing your skin’s protective barrier and regulating oil production,” Mariska Nicholson, the founder of oil-based beauty brand Olive + M, explains in an email to TZR. This is true for pretty much any body part, from the scalp to the lips to the cuticles… so basically, whatever beauty problem you’re looking to solve, oil can help.


Ahead, 30 beauty oils — including hair oils, bath oils, and even “intimate” oils (yup, that’s a thing now) — to get your entire body through the rest of those warm summer temperatures.

An All Over Body Oil

Applied from the neck to the toes and packed with extra virgin olive oil, this body product will deeply hydrate skin and improve complexion.

A Heel Softener Foot Oil

The high vitamin C will restore the elasticity in your heels and cuticles for youthful-looking nails and feet. Plus, this oil can also be used on your face to minimize wrinkles.

A Glow Boosting Face Oil

Formulated with flower extracts, triple hyaluronic acid, soy amino acids, and more, this oil absorbs deep into the skin to naturally nourish, while providing a great effortless glow.

A Sparkling Party Body Oil

Who said summer has to end? With this pool time glowing body oil you can create vacation vibes at home. The macadamia, jojoba, and sunflower oils will not only deliver long- lasting hydration, but give you a sunkissed glow all year long.

An Anti-Frizz Hair Oil

Perfect for dry and frizz-prone hair, the coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower seed oil will increase shine and strengthen hair.

A Lightweight Face Oil

Rich with Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 0, this oil will help repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses. For the ultimate hydration, apply 2-3 drops daily.

A Cleansing Face Oil

This lightweight cleansing oil will gently remove all impurities (dirt, pollution, and oil) from the skin and restore it to it’s natural glow.

A Silky Body Oil

If your goal is firm skin, look no further than Bawdy oil. This small (3.4 oz) but might non-greasy oil will improve skin tone with marula oil and frankincense, restore and relax tired muscles with it’s CBD – all while nourishing and lifting the skin.

A Head-To-Toe Oil

Whether you apply this to your face, body, feet, or stomach, you’re in for a glowy treat. Packed with vitamin C-rich amla — nature's most powerful antioxidant superberry, turmeric, avocado oil, and more, skin will be left more and more radiant after each application.

A Custom-Made Hair Oil

"At Prose, we’ve launched the first-ever custom hair oil so that (finally!) all hair types can benefit from hair oil — particularly those with fine hair who typically find that oils weigh them down or leave them feeling greasy," Faith Huffnagle, the Director of Education at custom hair care brand Prose, tells The Zoe Report. She notes that hair oil can be beneficial for all hair types, but works especially well on split ends, chemically treated hair, or moisture-starved strands. All you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire on Prose's site, and the company makes a custom hair oil suited to your exact needs.

A Protective Hair Oil

"Hair oils prevent dry and brittle hair," Dr. Icecreamwala says. She's a fan of coconut oil, since it "contains lauric and caprylic acids, which are very moisturizing ingredients." Find it in Playa's Ritual Hair Oil, a lightweight styler that helps protect hair from sun damage and the drying effects of chlorine and salt water.

A Soothing Scalp Oil

"Scalp oils work wonderfully for people that suffer from a dry scalp or have flaking," the dermatologist tells TZR — which, post-winter, is pretty much everyone. Give your scalp a deep clean for spring with this rosemary- and mint-infused oil from Mielle.

A Multitasking Oil To Promote Growth

"Castor oil promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss," Dr. Icecreamwala says; and Briogeo B. Well Organic + Cold-Pressed 100% Castor Oil offers the ingredient in its purest form. Of course, you can use it on your hair and scalp as intended — but it makes for a great brow growth serum, too.

A Brow Conditioning Oil

Want bolder, bushier brows? Grab a rollie of BBB London's Nourishing Brow Oil, packed with natural conditioners like sweet almond oil and lavender to keep brow hairs soft and hair follicles strong.

A Sinks-Right-In Lip Oil

"Jojoba is a lightweight oil that absorbs evenly," Ashlee Glazer, a celebrity makeup artist who works with Wendy Williams, tells The Zoe Report. "Its non-greasy texture feels mild and comfortable." As the key ingredient in Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort, jojoba helps the formula live up to its name.

A Lip Oil With SPF

Brush On Block's lip oil hydrates with argan oil, protects from sun damage and blue light with zinc oxide and SPF 32, and gives lips the perfect neutral tint. Is there anything it can't do?

A CBD Body Oil

CBD is everywhere lately — and the trend shows no signs of slowing. Bring the soothing, anti-inflammatory power of hemp-derived cannabidiol into your body care routine with Lord Jones' recently released High CBD Formula Body Oil. Its roll-on applicator makes it easy to travel with, too.

A Body-Slash-Bath Oil

As the beauty brand's name would suggest, Olive + M infuses its products with a healthy dose of olive oil. "Olive oil is easily absorbed into the skin; and just like your skin’s natural sebum, olive oil’s antimicrobial properties protect the skin, while vitamins A and E help repair and renew," Nicholson tells TZR. The Body Oil even doubles as a bath oil.

A Lightweight Post-Shower Oil

"Using a body oil on slightly damp skin after a shower will seal in hydration, nourish, soothe, and provide antioxidants to give skin that healthy glow we all crave," Jordan Samuel Pacitti, an aesthetician and founder of Jordan Samuel Skin, tells TZR. His signature formula features Mediterranean ingredients like grape seed oil (packed with sebum-regulating linoleic acid), broccoli seed oil (which has naturally occurring vitamin C), and squalane oil (super absorbant) — and smells like the Tuscan countryside.

An Aromatherapeutic Body Oil

"Jojoba oil is a natural healer and super-humectant; it has amazing hydrating qualities for psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, body acne, and chapped skin," Glazer says. While the jojoba in Shiffa's Soothing Body Oil calms the skin, frankincense essential oil calms the mind via stress-relieving aromatherapy benefits.

A Sunburn-Soothing Oil

Made with olive oil, hydrating aloe leaf, and healing arnica, EiR NYC's Sunset Oil is super-charged to soothe sun-damaged skin. Keep this in your spring/summer skincare arsenal just in case of SPF emergency.

A Do-It-All Oil

Looking for one oil to rule them all? Reach for Carter + Jane The Everything Oil, a blend of antioxidant-rich moringa oil and moisturizing baobab oil. According to the brand's site, it "replaces body moisturizers, serums, cellulite creams, and even fragrance."

A Dry Body Oil

"I think a lot of people haven’t experienced a true dry body oil, and as soon as they try it, they’re in love with the way it feels and how quickly it absorbs," Shannon Davenport, the founder of Esker Beauty, tells The Zoe Report. I can personally confirm that the brand's Clarifying Oil — a functional mix of coconut, squalane, and avocado with a woodsy hint of cypress — pretty much dries on contact. In other words, you can slather it on before bed and slip into your silk sheets with zero transfer.

A Breast Massage Oil

This massage oil from La Copine was specifically designed with the delicate skin of the breasts in mind. Make a point to apply its combination of calendula, jojoba, and sesame oils daily, and you'll never forget to do your monthly lump check again. Breast health for the win.

A "Yoni" Oil

Want proof that "intimate" skincare has gone mainstream? It's readily available at Sephora. Test the waters of yoni care with this adaptogenic oil from Moon Juice, fortified with vitamin E to soften and rose essential oil to soothe — and even boost arousal, apparently.

A Pubic Hair Oil

You’ve likely seen Fur Oil all over your Instagram feed — that cute, round, golden bottle quickly became an influencer favorite, making it the first (and only) pubic hair oil to reach “It” status. Made with antibacterial clary sage oil and pore-clearing tea tree oil, it can be used “head to toe, bare to bushy,” as the brand says on its site.

A Crystal-Infused Cuticle Oil

"Cuticle oils protect your cuticles and nails from trauma and environmental damage," Dr. Icecreamwala says. "Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and is very protective to the cuticle." Find the ingredient in Mazz Hanna Amethyst Cuticle Oil — which also features a polished amethyst crystal for extra good vibes.

An Oil For Healthy, Shiny Nails

Strengthen your nails and moisturize your cuticles in a single shot with Dermelect's keratin-infused oil treatment. Its citrus scent is super energizing, too.

A Calming Bath Oil

Love a good bubble bath? This season, make the switch to a bath oil — instead of drying out your skin with sudsy soap, bath oils leave you hydrated and smooth all over. UMA Oil's latest Pure Calm Wellness Bath Oil takes the relaxing vibe of a warm bath to the next level, care of calming essential oils like lavender and chamomile.

An In-Shower Oil

To make your morning shower feel downright fancy, swap your usual body wash for Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash. It's hydrating enough that you can skip moisturizer afterwards — although, with so many spring body oils to choose from, why would you want to?

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