10 Bath Products For Dry Skin That Fix My Winter Skin Woes


I wasn't always a bath person. I'd fill up the tub, sprinkle in some epsom salts, and wait (and eventually fail) to feel some sense of enlightenment. It wasn't until I truly perfected the art of the bath — heavenly scented candles, decadent bubble bath, and a dreamy curation of skincare products — that it became a part of my nightly routine. Yes, my recipe for the perfect bath is so good, I carve time out for it nightly. But if baths have never been in your self-care repertoire, it may be time to widen your scope this cold-weather season, especially considering there are plenty of luxurious bath products for dry skin.

That's right: Not only is my bath lineup designed to relax my mind, but it's loaded with products that soothe my perpetually dry skin. And it involves the best of both worlds: a budget-friendly oatmeal soak, as well as a rich, scented body oil.

I should also point out that an Instagram-able clawfoot tub isn't necessarily required, though one would be nice. I'm more concerned with what goes *in* my tub rather than what it looks like. See the products ahead.

As The Water's Running:

Honest Bubble Bath


The Honest Co.

My bath philosophy is simple: The more bubbles, the better. I love this hypoallergenic formula from The Honest Co. — it's incredibly gentle and the lavender scent is heavenly. As soon as I find that perfect water temp, I pour a generous amount of this into the tub.

Soothing Bath Treatment With Natural Colloidal Oatmeal



I was introduced to this miracle-working treatment after a brutal sunburn a couple summers ago. (Quick PSA that sunscreen is a nonnegotiable, folks.) That said, I haven't been able to part ways with it since — the soothing formula is loaded with oatmeal to calm and ease even the driest of skin. It's fairly inconspicuous, too, and meshes well with the rest of my lineup.

Hydrating Floral Mask


Tata Harper

As I'm waiting for the tub to fill up, I rub a thick layer of this hydrating mask on my freshly cleansed face and neck. My skin type is combination (equal parts dry, oily, and easily irritated), but this hyaluronic acid-rich formula really agrees with my complexion. I let the mask do its thing for 15-20 minutes as I relax in the bath, gently removing it with a damp cloth if I’m not ready to get out just yet.

Nourishing Herbal Whey Bath



Right before I step into the bath, I sprinkle in five tablespoons of this luxe powder. The formula includes whey to restore my skin's balance and regulate my pH. Bonus: the subtle — and intoxicating — scent of lime blossoms and chamomile lingers on my skin long after I towel off.

Aromatic Candle



I'll admit this step has little to do with my dry skin remedy, but what bath is complete without a candle? This one by Votivo looks as good as it smells.

De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil



On stressful days, I rely on this calming blend of frankincense, petitgrain, wild chamomile, and rosemary to ease my mind. A little goes a long way with this formula — a couple drops is all you'll need for the ultimate experience.

While I Soak:

Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish


Herbivore Botanicals

It's no wonder this all-natural body scrub has earned cult-favorite status — the formula calls on pink clay to gently slough away dead skin, so even sensitive skin types can use it. I carefully rub a dollop of the polish on my legs and arms, and my skin is left noticeably softer once I'm out.

Conditioning Lip Scrub With Exfoliating Honey Crystal


Burt's Bees

My lips are considerably dry throughout cold weather season, so I like to give them some extra TLC when I'm in the bath. This natural (and affordable) scrub from Burt's Bees does just the trick.

As I Dry Off:

Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil



After all that exfoliating and soaking, I lather on this heavy-duty body oil to really lock in moisture. The blend of nine essential oils leaves my skin soft to the touch, but never greasy.

Protini Polypeptide Cream



If you even remotely know me, you're well aware of my obsession with Drunk Elephant's Protini. This lightweight yet rich moisturizer is my ride-or-die product, but it feels especially great (and cooling!) post bath.