Get Better Sleep With These Soothing Nighttime Routines From Team TZR

PM skin care, herbal teas, and everything in between.

by Danielle Naer
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When it comes to getting the perfect night’s rest, everyone’s a bit different. Maybe you’re the type that glances at the clock for hours when trying to fall asleep; or perhaps that shut-eye comes quickly, only to find yourself tossing and turning at around 3 a.m. It’s possible that those perfect Zzz’s became more elusive when the pandemic upended daily routines, which, in turn, made nighttime routines just as uncertain. Still, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to getting better sleep that works for everyone. Whether forged over the years or cemented in 2020, team TZR is spilling the pre-sleep rituals that they rely on to signal to their mind and body to power down — all of which they’re keeping in rotation post-pandemic.

Though the routines in conversation vary, there does seem to be some consensus across the board: evening rituals aren’t always perfect. Sometimes it’s a bottle-of-wine-before-bed-kinda-night; others, it’s scrolling through Instagram a little bit later than desired, making it harder to quiet the mind than it would have been, say, with a half-hour spent sans-screens. Still, TZR’s editors agree that making a consistent effort to find stillness in those few minutes before lights-out can go a long way. The routines themselves run the gamut from hour-long rituals to quick two-minute decompression sessions, both of which can involve a mix of sundown favorites: CBN supplements (CBD’s cooler, sleepier sister), oil diffusers, podcasts, and herbal teas being just a few.

For those looking to unlock the deep, sleep-filled nights of their dreams (pun intended), read on.

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Nighttime Routine: Oil Diffuser & Hand Balm

“My nighttime routine starts with a shower, and I always turn on my Vitruvi diffuser before I get in to set the mood. After I get out, I wrap myself in a big cozy robe, slather on my skin care, and put Davines OI Hand Balm on my hands. Then I sit in bed and read, usually until I doze off or my husband joins me. It's simple, but this little ritual puts me right to sleep every night!” — Anna Buckman, Living & Wellness Writer

Nighttime Routine: Rosy Green Tea Facial

"I'm terrible at keeping a consistent nighttime routine. However, with the shift in seasonal weather, my skin's been drier than ever so I've been diligent about keeping my face hydrated before bed. After showering, I dab rose toner all over my face, then pat in a hydrating green tea serum from Innisfree. While waiting for everything to set in, I'll browse Instagram or The New York Times app to catch up on news. My super quick beauty ritual is easy to do and the scents help put me in a relaxed mood before bed." — Marina Liao, Senior Fashion News Editor

Nighttime Routine: Weighted Blanket & CBN Supplements

“Before the pandemic, I needed little to no buffer time before bed. My days were so jam-packed that I’d hit the pillow and instantly knock out. But now that I’m expending far less energy on a day-to-day basis, it takes me a bit more of a mental wind-down to fall asleep. My current routine is slipping on my cloud-soft Eberjey pajamas, taking Sandland Sleep’s new CBN supplements about an hour before bedtime, and then cozying up with my favorite weighted blanket. I do fall victim to the infinite scroll — a habit I’m working to break by keeping a stack of great reads at my bedside. Either way, the combination of the three ensures that I’m out like a light in no time.” — Danielle Naer, Contributing Fashion & Living Writer

Nighttime Routine: Dandelion Root Tea & Evening Reads

“With two kids, falling asleep is not much of an issue for me. But when I am so lucky to have the time to go through my nighttime ritual, it usually consists of a hot cup of dandelion root tea, a good book to curl up to in bed, and a swipe of my favorite lip balm.” — Kathy Lee, Editor-In-Chief

Nighttime Routine: Hydrating Skin Care Routine

“No matter how exhausted I am (or glasses of wine I've had) I will always take the time to baby my skin before bed. Since my skin is super dry these days, I like to cleanse with the Pai Lightwork Rosehip Cleansing Oil — throwing in a nice calming face massage if I'm feeling extra — and follow that with two to three serums depending on what my skin needs. The Isla Storm Serum is a current favorite to ensure my skin is hydrated overnight. Then a rich moisturizer is a must — Dr. Barbara Sturm's Super Anti-Aging Face Cream is my current go-to — and it's time to sleep!” Hannah Baxter, Deputy Beauty Editor

Nighttime Routine: Unplugging & Natural Supplements

“I have always had a hard time falling (and staying) asleep, and getting at least seven to eight hours is really important for me to function properly during the day. I've also come to embrace natural sleep supplements like Olly Sleep, which includes melatonin and natural botanicals that help relax me at night. So, I'll pop two of the gummies and hop into bed with my pup Molly, pray, grab a book, and read until my body naturally drifts off (takes about 20 minutes or so). This last tech-free hour or so of the day has become my favorite in that it allows me to truly shut down and focus on rest and what I need in the moment.” — Angela Melero, Executive Editor

Nighttime Routine: Warm Bath & Body Massage

“I've switched to taking showers or super warm baths at night, so my whole post-shower ritual has become what gets me in the sleep zone. If it's a bath, I've been using Lush's reusable Milky Bath (which lasts forever), and if it's a shower, the Deep Sleep Shower Gel from Thisworks. I've also been getting into body care and self-massage when my skin is still slightly damp and warm, so the products absorb really luxuriously. The OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil and Susanne Kaufmann's Toning Serum and Restorative Toning Body Cream have all been great for this.” — Madge Maril, Beauty Writer

Nighttime Routine: Slipping Into Cozy Loungewear

"My mom still tortures me for the fact that up until a few years ago, I slept in my clothes (including jeans sometimes). I think it's a habit that stuck with me as a child who was desperate to stay up late and watch TV, but I've gotten better and better and part of that is making sure to get really cute and comfy things to put on for bedtime. My latest is this thermal crop top and short set from LACAUSA, one of my favorite local LA-based brands. For loungewear, they're both so well-made and brilliantly cut and draped, so I've been wearing them outside the house, too!" — Ashley Tibbits, Living & Wellness Writer

Nighttime Routine: Long Showers & Pre-Sleep Podcasts

“My nighttime routine is generally chaotic. I don't get off screens as early as I should, I eat too late, and I'm not always great about keeping up my skin care routine. But, when I'm on my A-game, I take the time to shower with a little jazz, do my full skin care routine, and hop into bed with a book or podcast to help me unwind.” — Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

Nighttime Routine: Candlelit Meditation

“Now that I live on the West Coast, predominantly writing for publications on the East Coast, I’ve spent the last year learning how to be an early riser as I try to start my day on Eastern time. I finally caught onto how important my winding-down routine is for this. What I find particularly helpful is taking that time to meditate. I make sure my room is super still and quiet aside from whatever method of guidance I’m using for the night. I like @ask__bhb__ on Instagram for talk-through meditation, or virtually whatever pops up first on YouTube if I’m just in the mood for a soothing soundtrack. I also tend to light candles or set my diffuser during this time. So relaxing.” — Jamila Stewart, Contributing Fashion Writer

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